You Can Use WhatsApp with Cell Phone Turned Off? How?

Battery of the mobile is up, or you do not have a mobile phone to use WhatsApp. But that chat particular was very good for you to stop in half, isn’t it? Well, there are a few ways to circumvent this system WhatsApp not depend on the SIM card of your cell phone to work. Some warnings, however, are always to be remembered.

My Cell Phone Broke. How to Use WhatsApp on PC?

Necessarily you will need a tablet or a smartphone with a SIM card and a mobile phone number. You cannot use the WhatsApp only on PC, because the WhatsApp Web relies on the application of the tablet or smartphone.

Access WhatsApp for PC Online: Do Not Use Any Program or Application, “quick-fix”

To write this article, we have discovered several workarounds possible to use WhatsApp with fake numbers. All of them, without exception, have required the installation of suspicious applications and little known. These applications can be the gateway for hackers to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. We don’t believe in workarounds, and none of them worked properly in testing. Only Use the WhatsApp Web, which depends on the mobile phone connected.

WhatsApp with the Mobile Phone Switched Off: How to Use?

Only with another phone or tablet, but it is very simple to use. If you have someone at home with a smartphone or tablet, ask him or her to borrow or use a second device of your property, switch off the device and put the SIM card in it.

Before you open the application WhatsApp, go to the settings of the device (if it is his) and delete the settings of the pre-existing WhatsApp (on Android: tap settings -> applications -> WhatsApp -> clear data/cache). Remember: if the device is another person, do not do so without asking permission, or the person may lose the data on it. Ask her to make a backup of WhatsApp messages (open the application and go in options -> settings -> chat history/chat -> backup/save history). Not bisbilhote the chat of the person, ok? Ask the person to do the tasks.

Then open the application, which will ask you to sign in with the initial settings of WhatsApp. Enter the information and ready, you will be able to use WhatsApp.

But This is Not to Use WhatsApp with the Phone Turned Off

No, but it is an option. The video above gives you another option to use WhatsApp without mobile phone, even reliable, but that it should be used with caution. Our tip was for those who need to use the WhatsApp with urgency when the own smartphone breaks or is some exceptional situation. Still there is another way to use WhatsApp, but once you have, you can be sure that we will keep our readers updated!

Was there any doubt? Do you know of any way to use WhatsApp without a cell phone that does not put it here? Leave in the comments!