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Test conclusion: you need to know the

For the current price of 100 euros (stand: 16 March 2016) the WIKO Rainbow jam is an average good entry-level Smartphone, which goes down something in the Android crowd. Although it has good features such as a removable battery, a dual SIM capability, and expandable storage space, but with the weak cameras and renounce the fast data connection LTE Smartphone out of the mediocrity can save themselves. Especially a pity: The really great display suffers from very large viewing angle dependency. Best price on the Internet: 77,00 Euro * order this product at Amazon replaceable battery dual SIM expandable memory Pro contra hard-to-read display weak cameras satisfactory assessment of editorial user rating now evaluate next to Wikos emotion bestseller Lenny 2 especially the Rainbow jam often wanders about German counters after all, it costs only a little more than 100 euro (stand: 16 March 2016). The Smartphone with the colorful name is slightly larger, much thicker and heavier than a Samsung Galaxy S6. The casing is made of plastic and looks rather simple. Only the speaker placed prominently above the display, as well as the manufacturer logo in the eye fall on the front page. On the back there is except the far outstanding camera in the top left corner to discover little flashy. WIKO makes your Smartphone back made from rubberized plastic that is indeed slip-resistant, but not very high-quality looks. At the back, a microsd compartment plus two microsim subjects sit next to a removable battery. The processing makes a neat impression overall, wiggle but incidentally the page buttons. The housing edges on the front are also unpleasantly sharp. All in all is the touch but still alright.

Practice test: WIKO Rainbow jam

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Sharp display, worse angles

The display of the WIKO Rainbow jam is 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) tall and throws in HD (1280 x 720 pixels; Pixel density: 293,72 ppi) on. The screen but not crisp sharp looks, but makes a good figure for an entry-level Smartphone. The contrast is satisfactory, the variety of colours high, only when the brightness WIKO had may put on a small shovel. The high viewing angle dependency, however, ensures that your seat neighbor in the subway does not, guaranteed, see what you just write. Also due to the high susceptibility of reflection makes the really good display much less fun. Responds to wiping movements also not always precise.

Processor for beginners sufficient

Works inside of the WIKO Rainbow jam the quad-core processor MT6582 by Mediatek with trains of up to 1.3 ghz. The graphics unit supported him Mali-400 MP2 endeavours. Benchmark tests results underwhelming: at Geekbench 3 the Smartphone will be worse than the Samsung Galaxy S3, gfxbench the device behind the elderly also Samsung Galaxy locates note 2 and antutu certifies the Rainbow Jam also no superior performance. Graphically demanding games like asphalt run on the Smartphone without any problems 8 airborne smaller used, simpler games done. Overall, the value for money at the speed of the processor.

Video on the subject

The WIKO Rainbow jam is an entry-level smartphone at a low price. Artsy or bargains? COMPUTER image was watching it. WIKO Rainbow jam: 100-euro phone in the practice test

No fast Internet for traveling

The Smartphone running the Android operating system, in the slightly outdated version 5.1 lollipop. The battery capacity is rather small down with 2,000 mah. You make connections with Wi-Fi in the older n-standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band or with Bluetooth 4.0. LTE fast data connection does not support the device. Also on the use of NFC, you must at the Rainbow jam renounce.

Expandable memory

The memory of the Smartphone comes to 1 gigabyte. The internal memory is 16 gigabytes in size, of which about 11 gigabytes are freely available. The space up to 64 gigabyte expand with a microsd card can be

Cameras: grainy instead of intoxicating

The main camera of the Rainbow jam has 8 Megapixels, she not quite convinced in the practice test. Outdoor shots look slightly blurred at first glance. For more details look reveals strong noise that swallowed up many of the details. Colors and brightness but make a good impression. The HDR mode brightens images though, it noisy but even more. Interior and detail shots have also slight picture noise, but otherwise little cause for criticism. The lens captures video in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). The photo problems in terms of sharpness and noise, sometimes slightly distorted colors join, the videos but have a good quality for an entry-level Smartphone. Sample photos of the WIKO Rainbow jam, as well as from the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge photo comparison device, see the article for download.

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