What is the Cloud on the Cell Phone?

One of the more popular terms in recent years is “The Cloud”, and are appearing in more and more fields of technology. The commentators of the industry for some time encouraged the people and companies migrate to the cloud, but what is this term? What it means in the world of smartphones? Let’s understand this concept and how it can help you to have more security in your data and save processing of your device.

What is Cloud Phone?

The explanation of the basic technique is that they are hosted services delivered over the internet. Instead of installing software on your own PC, smartphones, servers, or other computing device, you simply access an application or service over the internet, usually through a browser or application.

These services can be free or paid, rather than traditional models of software licensing where you pay in advance and have to manage software updates. They are often referred to as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

This may still seem rather technical and nasty, but what many people may not realize is how much they already use the Cloud in their work and personal lives. The services and cloud-based applications are becoming something that we rely on and use on a daily basis. It’s not just large companies business with large IT departments. If it is you using programs for editing videos and photos online, using your e-mail box to save and manage files, among many other processes of the day-to-day which are already permeated by the cloud.

How to Use the Cloud on the Cell Phone?

Cloud-based applications such as e-mail, social networking, editing programs and music are already part of our day-to-day. But how so?

A good starting point to begin to use the services of the cloud and receive its benefits is with the programs that we use in our daily lives. Use the Gmail service free Google or Microsoft Outlook? Then you’re already using the cloud for their e-mail.

How many times have you used the mobile app on your smartphone to check the Twitter today, update your status of Facebook, or sharing an article on LinkedIn? All of these social networking applications are also cloud-based. You simply log on from any device you are using and where you are accessing these accounts.

We are all familiar with these services and consumer use because of its convenience. And these services are increasingly present. Programs such as DropBox, Google Drive, Google + Photos, OneDrive, Box, Google Docs, iCloud, and many others offer solutions, programs and file storage in the cloud that, in addition to protecting your data, it syncs everything automatically between multiple devices.

Where is the Cloud on the Cell Phone?

Currently, there are cloud-based applications available for almost all purposes conceivable, since file storage and sharing applications to collaborative applications. In addition, there are business applications specialised for tasks such as payroll and accounting, sales management and customers, among others.

In these apps, the “cloud” is in servers installed around the world. Are computers with high processing and storage capacity that they will carry out the “gross” of the tasks that the applications in the cloud proposes to carry on, leaving for your smartphone only the more simple tasks, how to download, edit, and read files. It is worth saying that the “Cloud” is not a physical place, nor a specific application of your mobile phone. It is a concept, something that can involve any program that you use on a day-to-day.

Connectivity is also an important component to “find” the cloud. The widespread availability of fixed services of broadband, WiFi and 4G means that you can access cloud-based applications almost anywhere, at any time from your mobile device, since the servers are connected 24 hours a day to the internet.