VR Box, How Does it Work? Is it Good For?

The accessory VR Box is one of the most popular among those who want to experience how it works the virtual reality. Your price is not the most expensive, which ended up making it also one of the most popular among those who don’t want to spend a lot of money in this market that is just beginning.

We have made a summary about the pros and cons of a VR Box, but also we detail all about this product for those who want to invest with more conscience in this accessory. So let’s start with the pros and cons of this product..

VR Box Worth?

The advantages of this accessory include:

  • Low price
  • Very fit optical
  • Cushion cover comfortable
  • Holds the phone securely
  • Control of the game included the size of a keychain
  • Lens cleaning cloth premium
  • Door of the camera is removable
  • Built in a solid way

The disadvantages are:

  • The recess of the nose is not big enough for noses larger
  • The removal of the panel from the camera is difficult
  • Small edges for some phones

VR Vox: Analysis of the Design

The VR comes in all black, except for the front panel of white plastic. The extra details make it feel like a product more premium. Attached to the side and the top is a strap adjustable elastic that you can adjust easily to fit your head with ease..

Another good aspect of the VR Box is the addition of the removable panel in the front. This allows the use of the camera of the phone while still using the VR headset, which is a great advantage.

The adjuster optical at the top works well. You have the option to move each individual lens to the front, back, left and right, allowing you to get the focus perfect.

A design flaw is that at times, the grip of the phone can give some problems, but nothing that threatens the very functioning of the device or the experience to use it.

VR Box is Good in Comfort?


VR Box did a good job with the cushioning of the pad around the edge. The material is very soft and feels well padded. You may notice that the first time you use the VR Box, the connector from the strap, the plastic digs in the back of the head. A quick solution for this is to bend it to a shape slightly curved, so that it fits better in the contours of your head. In general, it is comfortable up to about 30 minutes of use, with ease.

Configuring and Testing the VR Box

The VR Box comes pre-assembled in a box of cardboard no frills with the few essential elements that you will need for you to make it work. Before you use the VR Box, you will have to add the three pads to the insert. Put these allows you to avoid any button on the phone pressed down when you insert your smartphone. So, how does this work? The VR Box uses images side-by-side and dual optics to create the illusion of a 3D image or video. You can use the 3D videos from YouTube, other video platforms or applications that support the 3D.

Insert your phone is easy, just pull the spring mechanism and insert your phone. The pressure of the insert keeps the phone firm. Once your phone is secure, slide the tray to the device.

Official specs say that the VR Box fits in the phones from 4.7 and 6 inches. There is a edge slightly curved so that you can push a phone slightly longer depending on the size and the shape.

It’s also worth mentioning that, if your phone has a Full HD screen, then search for the content in Full HD VR, because anything less can look a little grainy when viewed in VR.

The One that Comes with the VR Box?

Device and insertion VR Box, instruction manual, 3 x rubber pads, lens cleaning cloth, bag, key, plastic, game control Bluetooth and instructions of your game controller. Well simple, complete, and straight to the point.

Headphones with the VR Box

If you will use headphones with the VR box, (which you should definitely do to get an experience more immersive), make sure that your headphone port is facing to the right, so that when you remove your phone, the wire of the headset appears with the insertion

Configuring the Game Controller

The VR Box comes with a small controller. Connecting the controller is as simple as selecting it from the Bluetooth settings. The controller works well, but due to its size and price do not expect miracles. You can also use the controller with any compatible game, and not just with the VR gaming.

The Quality of the VR Box

This is a device VR friendly to the budget, as expected, is a protection of plastic more resistant. The device is well made, without any loose parts or bigwigs who feel in general very solid.

Final Thoughts on the VR Box

If you’re looking for your first experience of VR or to buy or give as a gift, then the VR Box is a good choice. The use of optical adjustable makes it easy to grab videos and games in focus. The driver included is also pleasant to the touch and allows you to play games in VR directly out of the box. For the price, the VR Box is a good buy.

What did you think of the VR Box? Would buy for you? Have already tested the device? Leave in the comments what you thought!