Video Compares Chrome Browsers on Android x Safari on iPhone

The site Android Central is always making comparison of mobile phones and applications, and a comparative the most popular that we can imagine is to compare Android with iPhone, both in terms of hardware and software. The only problem is that they are a number of devices and it is difficult not to make a comparison biased.

Now that the Google Chome for Android was launched, a comparison of this new browser, with Safari used on the iPhone seems to invitável. The video below shows some of the pages being opened in each of the browsers and the speed in which this occurs in each one. It is a test as well as superficial, but it gives to have a notion that Chrome is very fast also.

Some of the interface functions as the zoom out and zoom in have small differences between the browsers. Safari indicates in a visual way and simple enough that the limit of the zoom out has already been reached, as you can see in the video.

And which of the two is better? This type of question always has an answer “it depends”. Each person has different customs to use the cell phone or the computer and browse on the different sites. The profile of the user is more important than the technology itself in time to answer a question like that.

In any case, as Google is a fan of the performance it is expected that the new versions of Chrome for Android is becoming more secure and fast as has occurred with all versions of Chrome for computer.

And you? Are you satisfied with your mobile browser? The one that bothers you? What I would like it better on your smartphone, with regards to browsing on the internet?