Upcycling-Mode: New Ideas for Old Clothes

Much better than throwing away: at the Upcycling refine discarded clothing and fabric remnants to new fashion designer. We introduce exciting labels and DIY ideas.

We naturally collect paper, glass or plastic to recycle it. It is different with old clothes. 100,000 tons of textile and clothing waste dumped in the year 2010 in German households alone, according to official figures. Addition, there are tons of fabric remnants and blending in the production of new collections in the textile industry. Just this rubbish discover more and more designers as material for themselves.

You want to break through the throw-away mentality in vogue with their fast-moving trends – and protect resources and the environment. The special is that the old parts not only recycled, but get real added value through smart design ideas. Upcycling is more than pure recycling: fashion that looks like Avantgarde is created from discarded jackets, T-Shirts and shirts, not clothing collection.

You discovered only on second glance which stories behind the designs by Eugenie Schmidt and Mariko Takahashi from Berlin push. With their label Schmidttakahashi  have raised to an art form the two young designers Upcycling: disassemble old clothes into their individual parts and put them together to surprisingly modern and portable new parts. Who has donated a piece of clothing, can track on their website, what arises.

The also from Berlin, Upcycling label Aluc  has a different approach: the design team used so-called pre consumer waste, so cut-offs, sample parts for his minimalist shirts, blouses dresses and tops or Roller ends out of the textile industry. The source material is like new and in larger quantities available, so that the collection must not limit on individual pieces, but in series can go.

Arianna Nicoletti, Carina Bishop, Louise bass and Jonathan Leupert, the makers behind Abdul, in Berlin also the Upcycling Fashion Store opened. There, they are selling to Upcycling fashion and accessories from labels such as ReClothings, milk from Austria in addition to your own collection or old gold, the jewelry and accessories made of used Make espresso pods.

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The label is at the international forefront of Upcycling movement Globe Hope. Old army stocks of vintage clothes for sailing and fabric posters, the Finns take advantage of the wide range of materials for their cheerful fashion – and focus also on fair working conditions in the factories.

According to theinternetfaqs, under the name Good One, the British designer Nin Castle designs since 2006 quality Upcycling fashion. For their latest winter collection, which is available in Germany, she has combined Aran knitting, organic cotton and floral fabrics. Some Upcycling designers make the life of their materials in the foreground. This funny as portable fashion comes out some rather about dresses swimsuits or socks. But the success of labels such as globe hope and good one proves that even for mass-grade fashion potential of sustainable approach.

Anita Heiberg (Center), the winner of the Upycling contest by Hess Natur.

That it pays to process discarded clothing, now also the big textile industry have recognized. ESPRIT and H&M, for example, offer separate collection system for used clothing in their stores, which should then be recycled.

The Hess Natur  organic fashion manufacturer goes a step further. Together with the Berlin fashion University ESMOD, the eco-pioneers have realized an Upcycling project in which 13 students of the international master’s programme Sustainability in Fashion should revive remnant from the Hess Natur camp. Canadian Anita Heiberg has won with a trench coat. The model will be sold in November in the online shop, the winner is involved in the sales and will have an opportunity to present her collection in January 2014 during Berlin fashion week.

A glance at the Swiss label Friday shows that from the idea of Upcycling quite a successful business model develop can be. Everyone knows the colorful Messenger bags that are made out of old truck tarpaulins and individuality satisfy a need through this material with its antecedents and the traces of use. Aim also the accessories of the Cologne-based label Feuerwear. The sturdy belt, shoulder – and laptop bags are made from old fire hoses.

Andrea Noelle and Annika Busse, the founders behind the accessory label Hart, however, rely on precious Upcycling materials: make their handbags and mobile cases, returns leather. The two hamburgers leather covers, which are discarded due to production errors get by a furniture manufacturer from southern Germany. In addition, they use substances from surpluses of Designer Collections. So, it may happen that their bags made from the same fabric as a Valentino dress, but cost significantly less. In addition supports the label of children in developing countries, the purchase of a charity bag about allows a child attend school for a year.

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More On The Issue Of Upcycling Fashion

If it itches you now in your fingers and you upcyclen want to: in her book Mach New from old-clothes and accessories (noble books, EUR 24.95) lots of amazingly simple DIY ideas for deposited is the British journalist Henrietta Thompson Clothes before. Also available via Amazon.

Also on our blog StyleNotes Upcycling projects are regularly. Blogger Freddy Hansmann shows for example how with a little patience and sewing skill is a shirt dress  or a blouse with sailing  from old men’s dress shirts.

Or you search for the term ‘Upcycling Fashion’on YouTube, there are many instructions. Well we liked the video of ThriftDrifter: explains step by step how she analyzes finds from thrift shops.

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