Transparent Dress of Fernanda Lima-Long Dresses Free

Check out options for transparent dress of Fernanda Lima and work on your next ballad!

Fernanda Lima is a brazilian television presenter and former fashion model. Currently, their television shows stand out in Brazil. Extra award, Fernanda Lima wore black dress full of transparencies, being a simple dress. This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post,transparent dress options for ballads. Check out and get inspired for your next party!

Transparent Dress of Fernanda Lima-Long Dresses Free 1

This transparent dress of Fernanda Lima is a simple dress for Parties at night, why has few sparkles. Its highlight is the “income” that covers, but it shows that the dress is a tube well glued to the body, what does draw attention to the legs of the presenter. The volume in the skirt is ideal for women with narrow hips with Fernanda Lima. However, this dress is too simple for an awards event.

In the case of using a transparent dress, it is important to keep in mind that transparency brings sensuality to the look. Thus, in formal occasions, transparency should be used with care. One must still ask what area of the body transparent dress is valuing and if this is what you want to show. Think about it, just so the cute dress sexy, but classy. Check below some options of transparent dress and get inspired for your next party!

Transparent Dress Options of Fernanda Lima.

  • #1 Transparent Dress

According to, this transparent dress is a typical prom dress with sparkles, ideal for undergraduate students. The combination of sparkles, many transparencies and glued modeling makes this dress is bold, showing enough curves and the chubbiness. The sparkles value, mainly, the bust and hip. Prefer discreet accessories to keep the look overdone.

Transparent Dress of Fernanda Lima-Long Dresses Free 2

  • #2 Transparent Dress

This transparent dress is a summer dress more relaxed, ideal for use in beach parties. Its main detail is the beautiful color, in addition to the combination of transparencies and pleated skirt, which always gives a touch more on the look. By owning a loosey-goosey, modeling the love handles are not marked.

  • #3 Transparent Dress

This transparent dress is a light dress, with your leave, being an elegant dress that combines discrete with accessories. In addition, the modeling of this black dress is quite pretty, why outlines and values the bust and is untethered on the skirt, so don’t mark the chubbiness. Transparencies appear on the skirt, showing different parts of the leg depends on the position of the tissues.

Transparent Dress of Fernanda Lima-Long Dresses Free 3

  • #4 Transparent Dress

This transparent dress follows the trend of only the skirt have transparency, being a dress that wouldn’t be how long or how short. This detail makes the look more stripped. It is worth mentioning that by owning a loose modeling, this dress is comfortable and does not mark the chubbiness, but the neckline enhances the breasts and gives volume to them.