Tim Cook Acknowledges That They Have Not Sold Many IPhone 5 C as They Waited

Apple introduced yesterday night their results for the last quarter of the year with some that another surprise. In total, as you said, have broken records with 51 million iPhones sold but they have not broken down what percentage of sales each model takes (something you have never specified in such calls to investors).

In the round of questions from investors, iPhone 5 c was one of the protagonists. In one of them, one of the participants asked Tim Cook why sales of this model were not exactly which the company had planned. The response according to Cook? IPhone 5S.

I think it is the 5S, the people are very intrigued with the Touch ID. It is a great feature that has excited people. I think that, associated with other things that are unique of the 5S, have done that the 5S has gotten more attention and greater sales.

Despite this, Cook asserts that many of the new users of iPhone (without specifying the amount) they chose the iPhone 5 c as a model for input phones from Apple, anything they wanted with the inclusion of this phone. In addition, it advocates that while demand is generally not distributed as they waited, have achieved a good result since launch two different models is a strategy that had not tried before.

With these statements, Tim Cook not reveals anything new really. Since its launch have not stopped reading news which claimed that sales of this particular model they were not meeting expectations, with the majority of users opting for his older brother 5S rather than the colorful 5 c.

What does it mean for the iPhone 5 c? It is not yet very clear. According to the rumors that echoed the Wall Street Journal and that we published last week, Apple may be preparing two large screen without finishing of plastic phones, but still speaks of two models. By now, and as is logical, Apple did not want to reveal their plans for the future but the iPhone 5 c, as we know it, may not be in it.