These Are, Supposedly, The First Images of The Prototype of The Nokia Lumia 730

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WPCentral has just published which, presumably, would be the first images of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 730 or, more specifically, those of a prototype. In the past we already speak of several terminals Nokia, officially part of Microsoft, was already in development. Which today have seen could be the Nokia “Superman”, although that is only its internal name. Actually it would be the successor of the 720 Lumia.

Yes, this would be in theory the “selfie” phone of Nokia that much is heard: 4.7-inch screen and front camera of 5 MP. Beyond that, the rest of your specs are still a mystery. Nor do we know what dates would handle in Redmond for his presentation, so for now we will be playing wait.

In other images of the terminal which publishes WPCentral is, in addition, has been installed the Lumia Debian network update. That does not confuse you name shared with the known distribution of Linux, because it’s the successor to Lumia Cyan. This does not mean that the name ends being that appears (in the end, Cyan was known as Cherry Blossom Pink) but that fits with the names for Microsoft Updates policy, which so far have followed an alphabetical order.