The Reality of The IPhone 5 C in The United States Do Not Look Too Bad

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Clearly is that the iPhone 5s which are interested in, and your brother 5 c is it worse happening to sell units. Many people considers it a failure with solid arguments, but it is worth to take a look at sales in some markets, such as the U.S..

Collecting data of the main operators in the country, we have a ranking of the three top-selling smartphones in each month. We found that starting in September, and in October and November 2013, it is always in the top three:

Soon we will have data on sales in the first quarter of the year, and although Apple is not especially open to tell how each of their models, we will have interesting information to assess if the iPhone 5 c has been chopped, is retained, or – I see it difficult – has soared.

Estimates that place him above the competition

Estimates speak of that Apple would have sold 12.8 million iPhone 5 c in the last quarter of last year, of a total number of 51 million. It is clear that the interest is by the 5s – estimated 31.9 million-, and still there was life for iPhone 4s with 6.4 million. Still being less optimisas that these estimates, other major manufacturers would not be far from the behavior of the iPhone 5 c.

  • If we think in comparing with other platforms, Nokia sold 8.2 million from Lumias in the same period, taking into account that they correspond to 90% of the Windows Phone platform, even the iPhone 5 c behaved better in the market.
  • Can be the same account, more clear, with BlackBerry (sold 6 million units).
  • If what we want is to compare with important phone Android, again based on estimates, sold 9 million Galaxy S4 in the period, to say nothing of less than 3 million LG G2.

I understand that everyone expected more iPhone 5 c, but I don’t think that the thing is running so bad as they are making us believe. Also remember that we we have an expensive phone, with margins of important benefits for Apple, nor do I believe that it is being a burden on their accounts, quite the opposite.

Apart from sales, to my I still think low the price difference to opt for the model above, more modern and better in every way.

I think the real success of the phone the own Apple, will determine it when it touches to renew terminals in 2014, there will be a new model of plastic? would grow in size to the phablets?