The Most Popular Mobile Phone Provider: Mobile Discounter Beat Telekom Co.

Especially the mobile discounter achieve good results with a survey of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) to the satisfaction of the customer. By the major network operators and resellers not only the touch, however, easily reached. Provider Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and base are beaten on the rear seats and received low scores from their customers.

Aldi talk best provider

At number 1 the provider ends up Aldi talk with the quality judgement very well. Especially in the categories of products and services, the discounter sweeps. Also the prices find strong encouragement here specifically for flat rates and mobile Internet. On the second and third rank come blue and, who also score points in terms of products, prices and service. Especially the latter provider is popular with customers because of its low prices. In this subclass, it reaches even the top position blue and Aldi talk.

Discounter occupy front places

Well with the overall score cut also the provider of Tchibo mobil, Yourfone, Fonic, Freenetmobile and Congstar from. Just beyond 1 & 1 on the ninth lands, so that the company is the best representative in the field of network operators and resellers. The greatest strength is the service: 1 & 1 with high satisfaction levels achieved a good result here.

Low mobile phone costs

The online survey of a total of 1,940 mobile service providers has also revealed that 86 percent spend per month less than 30 euros for the use of mobile phones; 23 percent pay even less than 10 Euro 55 per cent often Smartphone apps, 54 per cent often use mobile Internet. But only a third of those surveyed sent many SMS short message is in retreat.

Modest willingness to change the provider

Almost every fourth mobile phone users is faithful to its provider for over 4 years. Just the holder of an old contract can properly save, if you change the provider or collective. Current offers are almost always cheaper than existing contracts. However: 63 percent are longer bound according to the survey by a term contract to the provider.

Mobile service provider: results of the customer survey

Rank company points quality judgment 1 Aldi talk 80.8 very well 2 blue 80.3 very well 3 Smartmobil 79.7 4 good Tchibo mobil 75.7 well 5 Yourfone 74.3 well 6 Fonic 72.9 well 7 Freenetmobile 72.4 well 8 Congstar 72.2 satisfying good 9 1 & 1 69.5 satisfactory 10 Simyo 69 11 Talkline 67,9 satisfying 12 Germany SIM 67 satisfactory satisfactory 13 Otelo 65.5 14 Vodafone 62.5 satisfying 15 Klarmobil 61.8 satisfying 16 Telecom 61.2 satisfactory satisfactory 17 O2 61.1 18 mobilcom-Debitel 58.7 sufficient 19 base 57.5 sufficiently 69 total