The First Image Leaked Possible IPhone Battery 6 Confirms an Increase in Its Size

The signs that anticipate a iPhone 6 with a screen larger than the of the current models 5s and 5 c is still accumulating. A few days ago we told you that it had leaked photograph of a mold, which, in principle, could be used to manufacture the chassis of an iPhone with a screen of 4.7 inch.

Shortly after leaked the photograph on the front panel of a presumed smartphone from Apple that could have a screen of more than 5 inches. And now a new filtering seems to reveal How will the battery be of the next iPhone 6. And, once again, reinforces the increase in size we have considered so far.

The picture that illustrates this post seems to have been leaked by someone who works at one of the Chinese factories that supply components to be used in the first prototypes of the next iPhone. The source that this image has been reported ensures that batteries that appear in it have a capacity of 1,700 mAh, a figure that, if true, represent an increase clear front 1.560 mAh in the 5s iPhone battery.

This feature would be in line with the possible increase in size that so much is being talked about in recent days. But this is not all. The location of the pins that allow you to connect the battery to the circuitry of the smartphone is also different, shift that it could reflect the need of redesign the interior the Terminal to accommodate a larger screen. At present only have to take these “tracks” as what they really are: relatively credible evidence but not at all conclusive. I will continue counting.