Testing NUEVEga and Pepephone Flame

He finished the year 2009 and for now the possibility of hiring rate NUEVEega and Pepephone flame by Movilonia whose characteristics we explain a few weeks ago. We take advantage of the promotion of high and have a line in which we have been testing several things: firstly the reliability of the information of the web data consumption of Pepephone, the speed of connection and finally see what we can do with 300 MB of data traffic, which includes the fee in Exchange for 7 euros (excl. VAT).

Is NUEVEga and calls a rate that traffic in excess of the included 300 MB is charged at three cents/MB so a good control of consumption is important.

For the test we used a iPhone 3G free source configured with five POP/IMAP email accounts and an Exchange In addition to an intensive use of Twitter with echofon (twitterfox) and reading feeds with Google Reader in Safari. In order to go to the most unfavourable conditions we have not used at any moment WiFi so registered traffic is actually carried out by the phone.

The information of data consumption we have already spoken several times and so far we have not found an operator with as complete information as Pepephone. Our customer page we can see what we have included as an illustration of this entry: bars with daily consumption and the monthly cumulative total with the percentage of the invoice consumed. Seems pretty simple and obvious, but this information is not included even by operators “ large ”. If we place the mouse on the left corner of each bar will have the exact number of consumption given by Pepephone.

Is this reliable information? We have contrasted the information from the web with the counter of the iPhone. Pepephone gives consumption 274 MB and the timer of the phone yields a total of 277 MB. Certainly the information is very accurate and we may be worth to have “ scares ” end of the month on the invoice.

About the speed of data have been tested at very different points taking advantage of the holiday: Tudela de Navarra, in Salamanca, in Madrid, in the Zaragoza-Madrid AVE and San Cugat de el Vallés. Pepephone works with coverage Vodafone and experienced is practically a carbon copy of that record with the Red operator. Signal us has gone to GPRS only at very specific points of the AVE line (especially out of Madrid to Guadalajara that is a very bad coverage for all operators) and hidden somewhere in the interior of old buildings. We can say that a 1200 kbps down and about 150 rise can be a value for this test.

And what can we do with 300 MB of data? These tests on my part have already drawn attention on other occasions surprised readers by the high consumption of data registration. Data there is, the use has not has forced and watching videos on YouTube or anything, has been done the normal use which includes frequent reading of mail, Twitter and feeds. Don’t talk so nor that use “ moderately ” quoted in many tests with which data are stretched and eternalize the batteries. We have that we have consumed almost the 300 MB of monthly franchise in just twelve days of use. So in my case it should play with WiFi to avoid additional payments.

We have therefore an interesting fare in terms of voice above all by the absence of establishment of call, something that I value very much. In terms of data gives us a very good coverage and information of consumption on the web the best that we have seen. What would you change? Not charge the excess traffic and go to the option least “ traumatic ” download speed.