Test: Smartwatch Samsung Gear S2 3 G with Attitude Map

First came to Germany in the Smartwatch Samsung gear S2 only in two model variants: gear and gear classic sports. Now, Vodafone will start selling the gear S2 3 G with built-in electronic SIM card in first 60 shops in Germany. Whether what is good and how it thus on the phone itself, the our site has tested image

Neuland esim

That there never: the Smartwatch has its own SIM card. Because a plastic card would make the watch and it is therefore also difficult waterproof to make, the SIM is already in there. ESIM briefly as a so-called electronic SIM card. She can dial only in the mobile network, if the user has recorded it with the data of a mobile phone provider. So that it does not become a doctoral thesis, you get done this step when you set up the watch on your Smartphone with. Register of the simplification profile is located in the gear app on your smartphone (compatible with Android 4.3) a menu item. By scanning a QR code with the phone’s camera, the watch receives the necessary data about your new phone number. It can also repeat, for example, when changing providers. Vodafone does not preclude it, not guaranteed but also, that the clock also works with other network operators.

Video on the subject

With the Smartwatch Samsung gear S2 3 G can you make phone calls without a Smartphone. How this works, COMPUTER has viewed image. Test: Smartwatch Samsung gear S2 3 G with attitude map

Hook: additional fare required

So, as one could wish that it not easy with the fare for the Smartwatch unfortunately. Yes, the very simplest solution would be easy with use of the tariff of the Smartphones, which the clock is connected. But that is not possible at least for Vodafone. The simplification map for the gear S2 3 G can be also differently not with an existing tariff about as if you simply hinzubucht a second SIM card to an existing contract. Therefore, you must book a further plan to at Vodafone. Currently these are :

tarifuhr (without a plan) with red + Datamit red + Allnetmit data go Smit data go M-XL price for the Uhr369, 90 Euro129, 90 Euro9, 90 Euro79, 90 Euro9, 90 eurotarifkosten per Monatentfällt5, 00 Euro20, 00 Euro14, 99 Euronach tarifabzahlung for Uhrentfällt10, 00 Euro5, 00 Euro10, 00 Euro10, 00 euro
at O2, existing customers should get the Samsung gear S2 3 G for once 59 euro , linked to a contract with a cost of EUR 19.99 per month with the O2 blue all in S and surf-upgrade. The clock should work according to Vodafone with these Smartphones: Galaxy models from the S3, the HTC one M7/8/9, as well as some Huawei’s (mate 7/P8), also the LG Flex, Flex 2, G2, G3 and G4 models, as well as the Sony smartphones Z2, Z3 and Z3 compact.

Samsung: Classic presented gear S2 and S2 gear

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The gear S2 3 G overview

Externally the gear S2 3 G of the gear S2 classic (without 3 G) like an egg are the same. The version with built-in simplification card (46, 9 x 44, 0x13, 4 mm) is slightly larger and thicker than the mobile radio loose Variant. Also, the battery at the gear S2 3 G stores more energy, namely 300 instead of 250 mah. In the test, that was enough for about a day. How long does the Akkusaft, depends of the use, and even more than that is otherwise the case. Especially with frequent telephone calls with the clock, the battery goes quickly into the knee.

Inner values

Ticking inside the S2 3 G a 1 ghz dual-core processor. The memory of the gear S2 3 G includes typical 4 gigabytes, the processor can run on 512 megabyte random access memory (RAM) and uses Samsung’s proprietary operating system Tizen. The practical control of the carousel is easy to understand and work liquid. A camera doesn’t have the gear S2 3 G. The GPS chip is well hidden and can be used, for example, in the maps app of the clock and in the sports app Nike + (registration required). However the GPS is not particularly precise. At an evening commute home by bicycle, the gear S2 identified 3 G 17.3 km distance in comparison to actually 18.4 kilometres. The GPS in the Sony Smartwatch SW3 and the Motorola Moto 360 sport was more accurate in the test a lot. As for the conventional S2 gear, also the mobile version has a bright and brilliant Amoled display. The gear S2 3 G has a speaker other than the mobile radio loose Variant.

The gear S2 3 G in practice

The clock still in Bluetooth range of smartphones, is it can be use as a hands-free kit for mobile phones, the SIM card built into the watch is then not used. The clock can not independently download apps and new dials, which can only the Samsung gear app on your Smartphone. Also the forwarding of calls can be controlled. In practice this happens can be found for many users only a few moments in which the watch and the Smartphone via Bluetooth not connected about sports or if you forgot one of the devices. Therefore, users should probably rarely need the fare booked to the clock to making telephone calls. Usually this also applies to the notifications, about when the clock should sign new past emails or Facebook messages. This done they usually first linking to the Smartphone and most recently via the built-in esim and the UMTS mobile network. So most customers with a small data plan typically would be perfectly sufficient served.

Good sound on the phone

The sound on the phone was in the test surprisingly well with forearm stored loose on the table it could comfortably call himself. The speaker of the clock of course performs no sound miracles, but it is quite noisy, certainly not to the delight of those who don’t like to overhear cell phone conversations of others. You can use also a Bluetooth headset. You can also use this when listening to music, which allows bunkering himself in the memory of the watch.

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Bottom line: Samsung gear S2 3 G

The Samsung gear S2 3 G offers a stand-alone calling function with Internet access, without having a Smartphone in the vicinity. The clock can be but do not use without a Smartphone. Little is that the clock but only with separately to booked fare with extra telephone number is available, client-friendly.

Correction: in a previous version of the test, it was said that the S2 G3 has no GPS chip. That’s not true (thanks for the hint!).