Since Then That If Your Style Is Relaxed and Casual, H & M Will Be Your Faithful Companion This Summer

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H & M has for all tastes, styles and colors and if you love during the summer in a casual way, relaxed, urban clothing and a very comfortable style, his collection for the Summer 2013 you come to or hair, because it is intended for someone that puts comfort aesthetics but, however, does not abandon it or put it aside. Perhaps the best thing is that we stop so much verbiage, and that be yourselves that the collection rate.

As we have said, It’s a very casual style and urban. This translates into very loose clothing as normal t-shirts, with plastran on one side pocket, neck Baker, mao or straps, which prints abound on all sides and in all possible ways: geometric motifs related to cinema, Hawaiian… wide, loose and clothing with a touch of heritage in its preparation.

On the other hand is much exploited the boho look, taking advantage of Bermuda’s low returned or pants cargo to make the more relaxed look. Denim supports style worker with its broken in Bermuda and its faded to get a more aged look and, finally, the ideal complement for the urban style: caps that replace the coast borsalinos. A collection with the rebel air, there is no doubt.