Samsung’s Next Smartwatch Postponed to Autumn

Samsung rumored to work on a round smartwatch named Gear A, but we can’t expect to get it from view before the autumn.

It is no secret that Samsung is working on a direct rival to Apple Watch, a round clock which reportedly to sound name Gear a. But you go and hope to get the clock to see before summer is out, see it now, in addition to being disappointed.

According to sources for SamMobile, the new clock will first be launched in the second half by 2015, along with Galaxy Note 5. Samsung therefore have plenty of time to, among other things, to see how customers are taking against Apple Watch before they officially takes the whole hog with Gear (A).
According to earlier reports, the Gear (A) be equipped with a chip, a ring 7420 14nm Exynos which can rotate around the clock, a round power button and Wireless charging. The immediate guess on a launch date, sounds right now at somewhere around september and October if it lands together with Note 5.