Samsung Launches Refrigerator with Gigantic Smartphone

Samsung unveils a smart refrigerator that stores on a giant smartphone, so you can browse loose during cooking.

Samsung has it with at times to find on mystical products, and one of them has in recent days seen the light of day at CES, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas.

The South Korean information technology giant has launched nothing lower than a smart refrigerator with the name Family Hub Refigerator. However, it is not the big news that Samsung makes the traditional appliances smart and intelligent.

It is laid down, as Samsung this time doing it, in return. Instead of a small, manageable touch screen at about the 10 “, as before is seen, Samsung has in years slammed what most of all looks like an enlarged smartphone on the right refrigerator door.

At the same time, there is the added hardware buttons below the screen in exactly the same way as the early Android phones that, among other things. leader mind against a Motorola Moto Droid-smartphone.

On the press photos, as Android Police has got his fingers in, no content on the large smartphone display, but the website The Verge found in turn forward to banners at CES, showing the smart fridge.

Here you can see different smartphone-apps open on cooling community screen in exactly the same way as on a smartphone, so there is not immediately talk about custom apps, but simply a magnified phone. If it is Android or Samsung’s own Thinkbear as the operating system, is hard to tell from the pictures.

Price and launch sites are still unknown for the smart refrigerator with integrated mega-mobile, since Samsung has not yet released a final press release. It will, however, likely to be located in the surrounding area of 25,000 dollars.