Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Tones Set Correctly

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A fully equipped Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge can be a lot of noise. Here a call, because whatsapp, where Facebook and Instagram: In normal operation, the Smartphones require a lot attention. Who that too much of the good is, who can remove single apps and email accounts. Our site explains how the Galaxy sounds in the handle get
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Choose sounds for apps

Specifically to change the ringtone of a particular app, select settings > sounds and vibration > notification sound. Here, you can assign the desired sounds to applications like the calendar program Planner and email accounts. Also to see messages notifications, select whether new messages on the lock screen and pop-ups show the Galaxy to.

Apps selectively mute

The tinkle of a single app, do you mind you can quite easily bring these silenced. Under settings > notifications for a complete list of all installed apps. With the switch on the right side, turn off the notification sounds for the respective application. Tap advanced to make a list of the apps show, which you can set to such applications as a priority and enable the Preview app on the lock screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: all pictures and details

Enable sleep mode

Should the Galaxy silenced completely, choose settings > do not disturb. Now select tap so that the Smartphone is no noise more of himself. Enable scheduled with how you also specify whether the sleep mode at certain times to automatically activate. Least can admit of exceptions > custom set exactly which applications may log loudly in the sleep mode. Alarms of the alarm is for example useful.

E-Mail setting

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 with S7 edge, the E-Mail notes only in the respective accounts can be configured. So you have left in the Gmail app on the Hamburger menu (three horizontal strokes) top type, and then call the settings all the way down in the list. By selecting the account you want to edit, you come to the configuration menu, which can be used for editing notes. In the email app from Samsung tap more > settings > notifications, and then click the corresponding E-Mail account to the notification tone to change.