Rumor: Battery and Storage Space in iPhone 7 Plus Get Growing Pains

Apple will launch a new variant of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus with even larger battery than iPhone 6s Plus and enormous amount of internal storage space of 256 GB.

iPhone 6s Plus with 128 GB internal storage space is with a price tag on 8,499 crowns already quite an expensive affair, but at the launch of the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 becomes it seem possible to invest in an even more expensive variant.

The website My Drivers, which has been behind several iPhone-rumors, reveals now that Apple will screw more up for the capacity of the next generation of iPhones, so that a fourth variant with all 256 GB internal storage space can be purchased-so the double capacity than the previous largest model with 128 GB.

The huge amount of storage space, however, will only be reserved Plus-model, it sounds. The same applies to the capacity of the battery, which also unscrewed further up compared to what there is to be found in iPhone 6s Plus. 2,750 mAh becomes canwith to 3,100 of the next-generation Plus model, which corresponds to an increase of 13%.

What price then comes to sound can only be guessed. For iPhone 6s Plus sounds price increase at 900 dollars for each increase in storage capacity, so a price at 9,399 to 256 GB variant is probably not unlikely-as a minimum.

Apple also is expected to follow the normal pattern as regards the launch of the next two iPhones, so it’s very likely at the beginning of the month of september, you must tick the calendar.