Reuters: 6 IPhone Screens Come into Production in, There Will Be Two Sizes

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Inevitably, already begins to talk in more detail about components of the new iPhone. This time is Reuters which tells us that the new phone screens begin to occur in large quantities from the month of may.

The curious thing about the topic – as well as date, logically – is that two different panels in the information introduces. A first 4.7-inch screen, that Apple’s phone would grow considerably with regard to what we are accustomed, and closer to the sizes in that move Android phones that should compete.

Another panel would be 5.5 inch, but Reuters said that according to the information on suppliers, it would have been delayed. What it does not imply that it is cancelled, and months later enter into production. In this case we would talk about clearly a phablet. Curiously Japan Display has a panel that House with the idea.

In both cases refers to “in-cell” technology, introduced in the iPhone 5, you get a minimum thickness, but also difficulties to build the so-called panel of 5.5 inch.

The manufacturer put on the table names are expected, although none confirmed: Japan Display, Sharp, or the Korean LG. It is assumed that Japan display – news yesterday by its panel of 5.5 inches – it would start to make first, the other two would in June.