Pull & Bear Continues to Promote Culture Hipster for Her Line Heritage

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Gentlemen, I have a problem. It is an issue that every day seems to be taking more gravity. As a few months ago that I write here and I’ve got confidence, in a display of courage, I decided to confess: I do not know what noses is a `hipster´. Seriously, is a hippie with iphone? are those gafapasta listen Lori Meyers who have sensitivity to fashion? If someone self-presenting is like a hipster, is it really a hipster?

Define a hipster, surely would give for a more entertaining long debate which abound on television. The case is that, Pull & Bear, It has returned to a campaign under the title ‘ Mens Hipster Collection´ and we are going to discuss. So in today’s article, it may end up rolling me over, but at least we know the concept that does have the signature low-cost on this controversial subculture. Later hipstercillos!

The line campaign Heritage Pull & Bear is starring model Benjamin Eidem. As a true Geek of the American television series, I will presume to describe the physical of our model as a sort of Barney Stinson hipster with a Mike Ross de Suits edulcurado.

A Californian framework, presents a collection that flees from the stamping and advocates for the minimalism. Closet Heritage for this season thrives on basic own station: Bermuda, Chinese, t-shirts, light sweaters and coats of halftime as jackets and parkas.

Regarding the color of clothes, there is no complex when combining: ocher, fluorine, aged, as well as the range of the earthy.

The commandments of a hipster in Pull & Bear

Seen, I believe that I am already able to unlock the secrets of the hipster made in Inditex:

If you can avoid it, you will not use jeans. You go for a few Chinese looking aged, carved and with low above the ankle. In case of using Bermuda, It also remangará them to happily show their knees.

As footwear, the bambas they are the only possibility. Is recommended to get rid of socks and, if you use them, they can only do so when they wear shorts, never with long pants.

On point, an authentic hipster always flees necks beak and opts for the round. They are never printed, but must transmit some essence Bohemian, that is why the select with light mist.

The same preferences can be seen in their t-shirts: smooth and aged appearance to get pass this uninhibited appearance. You can choose them with round collar and Pocket on the chest or buttoned type Baker.

Making use of our master men’s fashion dictionary, we find that: ‘ a hipster It is a type of current urban subculture rather complex to define, since even though its members, who are often twentysomethings and thirtysomethings, present common styles or habits, what really defines them is your rejection by the predominant and its approach to independent thinking, the counterculture or indie, among other cosas´ music.

Then adds: ‘ and this does translate into fashion? In theory, in the bet also independent trends away from the predominant. But my friends, be hipster also it has become a fashion and, obviously, the clothing firms have seen a reef in this. In the end, paradoxically, the alternative is very present in the usual fashion channels. ´

Finally, after all this, I have come to the conclusion that times are bad for the real hipster…