Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Puerto Princesa, Philippines

The city with the romantic name of Puerto Princesa is not only the capital of the province, but also one of the most environmentally friendly places in the Philippines. Thanks to the beautiful nature and the presence of the airport, it is from him that tourists begin their journey around Palawan. Most of the guests continue their journey further – to El Nido. For Philippines climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

It is worth staying in Puerto Princesa for at least 2-3 days. There are not many sights here, but those that are are classified as real miracles. And officially. For example, the famous Underground River, in addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List, is also on the short list of the Seven New Wonders of Nature. Well, after getting acquainted with the treasures of natural origin, you can continue to explore the main city of Palawan in its many bars.

How to get to Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is a capital city, albeit within the province. It has its own airport, which receives mainly domestic flights. From Moscow it is more convenient to first get to Manila (connections in Hong Kong and Bangkok), Aeroflot, Singapore Airlines, Corian Air and China Sutern fly. From Manila to Puerto Princesa depart daily 10 planes, travel time 1 hour 20 minutes. The total travel time from Moscow to Puerto Princesa is 15-16 hours. The airport is located almost in the center of the city, so the transfer issue is irrelevant – you can safely catch a tricycle for 120-185 PHP.

All passengers departing from the airport must pay 200 PHP (if the flight is domestic) or 700 PHP (if the international flight) airport tax. The fee is collected in the departure hall after check-in and baggage drop-off.


The most popular means of transportation in Puerto Princesa are tricycles (covered motorcycles with three wheels) and jeepney multi-cabs (analogues of minibuses). True, the use of the former can be limited to significant distances, so you should ask about the possibility of making a trip before boarding. A standard trip around the city costs 50 PHP and 100-150 PHP – to the suburbs. Drivers usually charge 50% of the cost if they see that there is a foreigner in front of them, so bargaining is appropriate – they almost always manage to reduce the price to “intra-Philippines”.

A jeepney trip to Honda Bay will cost 25 PHP. To catch a car, you need to raise your hand, and to get out, shout “Pair!”. Parking in the city is mostly free. Bicycle and scooter rental shops are scattered throughout the city, so there will be no problems with moving on two-wheeled assistants.

Puerto Princesa Hotels

Puerto Princesa is more of a party than a beach resort. This is evidenced by the placement of hotels. They are distributed very evenly, without accumulation along the coast. But the most expensive hotels are, of course, near the sea.

A room in five- and four-star hotels with a swimming pool, a small garden on the territory and several restaurants costs 4500-5600 PHP per night. 3 * hotels do not have any geographical dependence – a well-furnished double room will cost 1100-2500 PHP (with breakfast). More budget accommodation options, guest houses, rent for 620-1300 PHP, apartments offer a little more expensive. There are several hostels in Puerto Princesa. 440-1000 PHP per person – this is how much it costs to sleep in a dormitory in the Rizal Avenue area.

What to bring

You can buy souvenirs in small tourist kiosks scattered throughout the city. The most popular gifts are those made by local tribes: wooden jars, carved human figures, curtains, rattan table mats. Bark products such as tingkops (rice baskets) and handbags are also popular. Delicious souvenirs include a variety of cashew nut delicacies.

Cuisine and restaurants

Almost all establishments in Puerto Princesa are divided into two types: Filipino and European. And in those, and in others cook delicious. So, in the pursuit of authenticity, do not underestimate the cafes serving sausages, burgers and grilled ribs.

Be sure to try the local specialties: “pata tim” (baked pork knuckle), “lugao” (rice soup with ginger) and, for the most daring, “tamilok” (a shellfish that looks like a worm).

There are several Japanese establishments with tempura, sashimi, sushi. You can have a hearty dinner for 200-250 PHP with alcohol. Local fast food is sold in street shops. For example, the famous “balut” is a boiled duck egg with an embryo inside. There is such an extreme snack (considered by the way an aphrodisiac) 10-15 PHP.

Attractions in Puerto Princesa

Of course, the main attraction is Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park. The length of the stream reaches 8 km, which makes it the longest in the world.

The Wildlife Conservation Center, or Crocodile Farm, is another popular place for visitors to Palawan (Puerto Princesa South Road). It is located half an hour from the city center, a trip by “jeepney” will cost 25 PHP, entrance – 40 PHP. The guided tour lasts only 15 minutes, the rest of the time is devoted to self-acquaintance. And there is something to look at: endemic plants are everywhere, and the territory itself looks very photogenic.

Honda Bay with several tiny islands is perhaps the only place in Puerto Princesa where you can fully swim and lie on the beach. At the Honda Bay Pier there is a ticket office where you can rent a boat for 2500 PHP to go to the nearest islands, take snorkeling equipment (mask with snorkel and fins), camera box.

Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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