Poreč, Croatia

Poreč, Croatia

Porec, the largest tourist center of Istria and Croatia, is located 60 km from the airport on the western coast of Istria in the lagoon of the same name, 25 km long, with a bizarrely indented coastline. The beaches are mostly rocky plateaus and concrete platforms.

Numerous open-air cafes are packed throughout the season, and the lively waterfront offers wonderful views of the nearby islands, fishing boats and passing yachts. In the old part of the city there are small squares with centuries-old pine trees, and cozy courtyards are surrounded by greenery. Poreč is one of the few Mediterranean cities with well-preserved ancient Roman temples, houses, medieval fortifications and towers.

How to get there

According to Wholevehicles, the city of Poreč itself is small, only about 8,000 inhabitants, together with the surrounding villages – 17,000. The distance to the nearest international airport – Pula – is about 60 km. Those planes from Russia arrive here, which during the tourist season carry out numerous direct charter flights. You can get from the airport to Poreč, as well as to other cities in Croatia, by taxi or intercity bus. The roads in Croatia are good, conducive to independent car trips around the country, but paid.

Transport in Poreč

Along the entire coast along the embankment, from hotels to the city and back, a tourist road train runs with 3-4 stops along the way. Fare ~ 10-20 HRK. Opening hours: from 09:00 to 22:00.

Later than 10 pm, a water taxi runs from the city center to the hotels. Cost from ~ 50 HRK.

Porec Hotels

Poreč is considered one of the most visited tourist cities in Croatia. There is a simple explanation for this: firstly, it is rare to find such a variety of opportunities for all types of recreation in one city, and secondly, the city’s tourist infrastructure provides services of a very high level.

Almost all hotels, in addition to accommodation and meals, will offer their guests a varied excursion program, order tickets for entertainment events, help to reserve a table in a restaurant or rent a car. The hotel staff will be happy to answer questions about leisure activities and ways to get to nearby attractions.

In 2006, the first luxury beach hotel Nautica 5 * was opened in the city, which from the very first season became one of the most popular in Poreč. Many hotels are aimed at outdoor enthusiasts and offer various equipment for rent and the opportunity to hire a qualified instructor. There are many hotels here that are focused on families with children, the climate and conditions for which are ideal here. Lovers of a romantic getaway will love the Laguna Galijot hotel, one of the most beautiful on the coast. In general, Poreč has the largest number of hotels in Croatia, so everyone will find a place to their liking here. It is worth adding to this that there is an opportunity to rent a private villa or cozy apartments, secluded or, on the contrary, located in the epicenter of resort life.

Beaches of Poreč

The coast of Porec stretches for almost 65 km. These are kilometers of numerous lagoons with emerald water, secluded bays and just a very beautiful coastline. The beaches here are large-pebbled, you can find entry into the sea from stones, but mostly they are still concrete with specially equipped slopes to the sea.


The city has a small market near the marina where you can buy souvenirs: lavender bags, shells, T-shirts and magnets with symbols. In the city itself, there are many shops with souvenirs, clothes and food. It is better to buy wine and olive oil in specialized stores (the choice is huge, the prices are more expensive) or supermarkets (there is less choice, the prices are cheaper). The market sells fruits and vegetables grown by the caring hands of farmers and personally picked from the beds in the morning – the deliciousness is indescribable.

Entertainment and attractions of Poreč

Many buildings in the old town of Poreč are built on the foundations of ancient Roman buildings. It is also worth visiting the remains of the Roman forum on Marafor Square and visiting Dekumanskaya Street – the former Roman “decumanus”, the main road of the city leading to this forum.

The main attraction of Poreč, the Euphrasian Basilica of the Byzantine Empire, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This unique place is open to the public except during services.

Other attractions: the ancient remains of the North Tower from the 15th century, Pentagonal, Round and Semicircular towers. The Istrian Municipality is the building where the Francis Church was originally located. Marafor Square is the oldest and largest city square, it houses the Temple of Marta and the Great Temple, and nearby is also the Temple of Neptune.

The Roman Forum and the ruins of the temples of Mars and Neptune (1st century AD), the “House of the Priest and the Two Saints” of the Roman period, Gothic and Baroque palaces. St. Nicholas Island with a 19th century Tuscan-style castle converted into a hotel and a lighthouse that is over 600 years old.

The city museum has a rich collection of antiquities: stone fragments with Roman scriptures, a collection of ancient ceramics, sculptures created in the early Middle Ages. Numerous buildings in the Romanesque, Venetian, Gothic style are a real decoration of the city and attract many lovers of history and architecture. However, for those who just love beautiful cities, Poreč is also very interesting.

On the waterfront, cruises along the coast are offered everywhere with a stop at Pula, the Lima Canal and a picnic in nature. About 10 km from the city there is a complex of Baredine caves with stunning stalactites and guides, where you can go by bike if you wish. Also nearby is the Lim Canal (fjord), where a scenic road leads along vineyards and olive groves.

The tower of the Euphrasian Basilica offers a beautiful panorama of the city and its surroundings.


Opportunities for sports lovers are very wide here. Sports grounds, 165 (!) tennis courts, gyms, paths for cyclists. All this looks so attractive that the desire to go in for sports may arise even for someone who did not plan an active holiday at all. For such cases, there are many sports equipment rental points in the city. Water centers operate along the entire beach: bananas, scooters, parachutes, water skis. You can rent a bike or scooter and explore the area. Many cycling and hiking trails have been laid out for eco-tourists.

In Poreč, there are a lot of tennis courts of excellent quality and inexpensive. You can also play table tennis or mini golf. And of course, bars, restaurants, discos (many have a free shuttle bus to and from the hotel).

Poreč, Croatia

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