Phillips SpeechAir, Thus Is a Recorder of Intelligent Voice on Android

When we speak of Phillips tend it to do more by their experiences with Android TV that their smartphones, but its catalog we have found models as the i966 Aurora that has come to stand up in the high range. The shots are not going out there on this occasion, but by a model of a specialist, dedicated to the people who need a professional recorder and a range media.

The first is called Phillips SpeechAir and it is an Android device short and thick. The second for the moment has name S653H and it highlights precisely on the contrary, by their thinness. And both we have known since their specifications and appearance through images.

Phillips SpeechAir, mobile and recorder

His images do not leave any doubt, unless it is more mobile or more recorder. The Dutch company has called it “intelligent voice recorder”, It has provided it with a specific hardware and a series of applications that use and sold it as such, but inside it features Android, even the old version 4.4.2 KitKat.

Current smartphones meet solvency recorder tasks thanks to its noise-canceling microphones and there are dozens of applications with different configuration options that give many facilities to share the recording with other people in a matter of seconds. But none is like this.

Assemble a two-core Cortex-A9 1.6 GHz plus 1GB of RAM DDR3 and 16GB of internal storage only 12GB are available. Your battery is 2. 700mAh and say that it serves to be recording for 12 hours. Not noted for its small 4-inch IPS display, that is 400 x 800 resolution. It will better connectivity, with a base of additional load transmitting directly to the PC and Bluetooth 4.0.

Its strong point is the professional set of recording, starting by its three microphones 360ยบ and its large rear speaker, that it comes with a 5 megapixel camera with which to record what happens. As well as this side button to activate the recording without having to resort to the touch screen. This equipment makes very thick (15 mm) Although it is not nothing heavy (116 gr.).

To take advantage, it includes applications recording and dictation, as well as a system of data encryption, remote control of the device and a platform to facilitate their communication with the PC. In addition, its SKD invites customization of the app and their integration into the general system of companies that wish to do so.

Your market are lawyers, medical and, in general, anyone who has to leave a record of what is said in every moment of the day. Even claim that it has an antibacterial protection to avoid contagion and take to controlled health areas.

Phillips S653H

From China, its best market, the model information becomes more common. As it has not been filed and only seen in renderings and conceptions, your time is Phillips S653H.

It is a middle range with 5.5 inch display and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) which moves thanks to the SoC helium Mediatek P10, with eight cores up to 2 GHz in frequency, 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal memory that it may increase through microSD. Their cameras are designed more for the selfies than for large images, since both front and back riding 8-megapixel sensors that record video only at 720 p.

Phillips points out that is a mobile dimension to your screen, from less than 7 mm thick. Get it to change to include a battery of 2. 550mAh, that seems low for that screen, but at least it is offset with a system of quick recharge with your connection 9V/1.8A through its port USB Type-C. Not missing fingerprint reader.

Two roads

Time ago that Dutch electrical appliances giant left the Spanish mobile market, at the end and at the end never has come to have a position of relevance as it maintains for decades in other segments. But these innovations let us see that they are still progressing.

With a smartphone like that, although we still don’t know the price, only will achieve diluted in that crowd of Android phones, so like each other, filling the catalogues and the shelves of the shops. Your other choice is going direct to a niche, but one in which the investments are necessary and consistent.

The SpeechAir is a great idea because recorders side button still does not have a substitute as comfortable and as intuitive touch worldwide. Most of the time the innovation is not inventing but finding a new use for items that already exist. Get that this product, improved thanks to the constant connection with the PC to expedite data transmission.

Any professional in the comments, maybe blogger, willing to have an alternative product like this?