Perfect 20s Picnic – Ideas, Recipes, Tips, Styling

Home and Lighting

A great and unique idea for a summer afternoon is a pleasant picnic in the 20’s Gatsby style.

The makers of the 20s party series Wild Bohemian have last year also thought it and loaded the Berlin twenties crowd in the Zoo at the pond in the “English garden”.

Here inspiration for all those who want to do it for us, because the next summer comes determined .

Picnic atmosphere

A table with tablecloth and chairs would be appropriate for quite for the 20s, but want that perform at least a furniture transportation. In this respect also a nice picnic ranges. So something not who in the style of the 20’s, I suggest a nostalgic bedspread or a tablecloth. This one should take with matching pillows, also in warm weather umbrellas and boxes in the retro look.

In China shops, there’s a way, beautiful and cheap boxes, screens and baskets that fit very well with the Oriental hype of the twenties. For a great 20 ambience you can bring a few decorative objects such as magazines, books, or photographs from the time. Vintage boxes and boxes look great.

A suitcase Gramophone and shellac are an eye-catcher not only visually, but also provide the most authentic sound.

Musical instruments and the accompanying musicians are of course even better!

20 picnic equipment

If you be a picnic basket is ideal of course, own calls, which makes a lot right here. You can transport good wrapped in a bin but also the necessary. Excellent old suitcase next to baskets can be used for transportation.

Of course you should pack right glasses and tableware, plastic has not lost a 20 picnic at all. And paper plates are not exactly stylish. Now is the opportunity for Grandma’s old platters, bowls and nostalgic of the flea market!

It will be most hard to refrain from Tupperboxen, we no longer have anything else in the kitchen mostly for Food transportt, but which should disappear quickly and visually sexy present his food. This helps an empty basket, where you can store everything not contemporary as also cameras, garbage bags, etc. Also a blanket or similar, is good to hide all things that are visually not so nice.

The drinks is necessary to fill in. No Kunstofflaschen! There are not so rarely drinks on sale in resealable glass bottles, just collect them… Wine, sparkling wine and champagne are anyway in glass bottles. Beer bottles and colorful juice print or you can simply replace bottled water labels. It looks much more after 20s.

Picnic dining

Unlike in this country can a picnic in England be up today a social event. The picnic at the races at Ascot and at the tennis tournament in Wimbledon is famous. The British sport of cricket even a 20-minute tea break is set in the rules, to a snack to take outdoors. The British have traditions proper picnic.

The British Butler Stanley Ager is recommended to put the following in the Picknickkorbchen for a classy English picnic:

For starters, cook you a light soup and fill them in a thermos. Depending on the weather, the soup is hot or cold.

As a main course followed baguette and Pâté. The bread is broken on the ground and coated.

There are salad, which is made during the picnic. According to Butler, a mixture of lettuce, cucumber and radish is ideal picnic. As a dessert, strawberries with cream or other fruit such as oranges and apples are suitable.

As a drink, he advises to white or very classy champagne.

We have brewed us a beautiful punch bowl with iced strawberries and red currants. We had to drink of significantly more

Gatsby Picnic Recipes

Just the twenties are heavily influenced by the United States, Hollywood has the flapper girl made famous around the world as well as also Fitzgeralds Roman The Great Gatsby. From the United States, a few quite typical roaring twenties therefore come recipes picnic:

Red Velvet cupcakes. These cupcakes are an invention of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Today they meet their names with red food coloring, but earlier you dyed them juice with beetroot. You liked cream cheese in the twenties, so also is serving as a “Frosting” properly.

Waldorf chicken salad, to stay at the Waldorf Astoria. The original was at the end of the 19th century by former maître d ‘Hotel Oscar Tschirky out of tart apples and into fine strips (“Julienne”) created cut raw celeriac and a light mayonnaise. In the 1920s, these ingredients have been supplemented by the improved availability of fresh products with walnuts, grapes and chicken.

Tuna sandwich. The invention of the Tin can in the 19th century, also the Duchschnittshausfrau had access to formerly exotic ingredients like tuna. The sandwich is probably a historical take-away meals and even today, over 50% of American canned of tuna are used for tuna sandwich.

Deviled eggs. You were a picnic hit in the twenties we known as Russian eggs entree. The classic version from the mid-19th century consists of halved boiled eggs on remoulade sauce mixed with chives, the caviar is used.

Picnic Entertainment

What fits 20 about a picnic to the time?


Croquet or croquet is a lawn game aiming to Shepherd small wooden balls with hammer-shaped clubs (“mallets”) in certain order through wire gates.

Crocket has evolved from the in the 16th century popular Paille Maille. It was popular in the 19th century and one of the typical leisure activities of the French middle class. Croquet is 1900 Olympic discipline was.


At the time of the Baroque Feather ball games as a popular pastime of the courtly nobility developed Battledore and Shuttlecock or Jeu de Volant in Europe, called.

Tonight’s game owes its name to the English country seat of the Duke of Beaufort, badminton House. On these lands, the game that is exported by a British officer from India was presented in 1872. Badminton has been so popular that in 1893 in England the first Badminton Association was founded.

Funnily badminton as a sport was formerly exercised in churches. The high central nave provided a free trajectory and the pews were used as seats.

Mid-1920s the Badminton sport of England spread increasingly in the whole world, so that the game is a very authentic 1920s picnic pleasure.

Kink heritage ochre competition

A nice idea on the part of Boheme Sauvage organiser else was the kick heritage ochre contest for all the gentlemen present.

As price, a kiss from each present woman waved the winner.

20 Picnic Styling

In the twenties, there were still, as in the three decades after that, clear dress rules for different times of the day and for various occasions. These rules have been strictly adhered to by virtually all the people of this time. Rebels have frequently been then great!

The dress code described in etiquette books and showed the appropriate look for work, travel, Church, shopping, dinner, theatre, balls etc etc. Women at this time so had dresses for the morning, afternoon and evening, a travel dress, a church dress, etc.

A picnic falls clearly into the category of garden party. The clothing in the 20s was however much formal than we’re used to today. A relaxed picnic with sporting activities and games has been at that time clothing, which we would today see for an elegant wedding outdoors as appropriate.

The difference to the evening wear was less in the cut of the clothes, but in decorating and in the material. During the day, decorations with sequins, beads and fringe would have been inappropriate.

In the Zwanzalways a head covering was get to the dress. A lady would never have gone without gloves and hat out of the House. The most famous Hutform the 20s is the Cloche, a small top faehnlicher hat with little or no brim. And always stockings were worn, bare legs was unseemly. Pants were also very modern women only sports such as tennis, horse riding and shooting, otherwise definitely not. Absolute no. go.

Typical of the style of the twenties is the extremely low waist that accented with bows and belts and flat bust, what is maintained over the entire decade. The dresses of the 20 are clear and cut straight and include only that which is necessary for a good fit. The rock has become shorter, but goes over the knee.

But it’s an absolute myth that has been really short dresses in the 20s! For most women of this time, it would be impossible to show the knees in public. Middle of the 1920s there was a short period in which young women completely shocked the society let evening just above the knee ending the hem – which were flapper girls.

Typical flapper was, the long stockings of the 20s mounted with a garter belt at the waist were to roll under the knee, as shown in the left. It was provocative.

For example, a classic summer dress of the 20s for a garden party could consist of two parts a plain dress and in an airy, translucent upper dress made of chiffon or organza.

The most used materials of the twenties were cotton, wool, silk, and the newly invented rayon (artificial silk). Popular patterns were stripes, dots, simple geometric and flowers. Designers played too much with ethnic prints and took inspiration from saris and burnous. There was almost an obsession, what Oriental concerned to, therefore also turbans were so popular.

Picnic History

It should surprise no one that meals in the nature for so long are taken as there are people. Travelling man did often out of necessity, but field work it is common to take a lunch break and eat packed probably since ancient times. Picnic tradition is emerged in the 16th century when hunting parties of the nobility. Books about hunting from this period describe taking meals outside than usual, what they called but still simple dining alfresco, i.e. outdoors.

Eating outdoors in the nobility also outside of hunting as a summer pleasure became popular in the Baroque period in the 17th century, it was especially popular in France .Mostly the origin of the word is seen picnic so in French from piquer for “pick” and Mo’ Nique for “Little things”. But also the British claim the origin of the term itself. As evidence, a letter of the English Lords Chesterfield from 1748 is stated, where this referred to a meeting as a picnic. Here wasn’t ‘s however about the food, so goes the point clearly to the French.

Picnic in England in the Victorian era was really popular in the 19th century because Queen Victoria often dined in nature. The classic picnic basket, which contains both the food as well as a ceiling, dishes and cutlery, goes more or less on your account. Preparation of tea also belonged to the English picnic of this time, so that before the invention of thermos portable cooking device was often taken.