Our Site Go Mobile: Tried Remanufactured App

You wanted to use the our site app so far to navigate, one faced with around 20 different apps in the app store and Google play store faced, for each region one. The go to change with our site Mobile: in the future, there is only a reconditioned Navi-app for the whole world.

Our site Go mobile: is the new Navi app

The biggest difference to the bisheringen versions: download of the ios app, as well as the Android version available already for a year is now free. After opening are maps of all continents to the download available, you need to download at least one country immediately online maps are not available. Who initially just wants clean trial, can do without hesitation: per month allows our site 75 free kilometres for testing purposes. These are consumed, you book the one-year package for 19.99 euros or the three-year package for 49.99 Euros directly in the app either. You installed an earlier version of our site on the Smartphone, our site redirects go mobile at first-time use in this app, a free three-year license for previous users can unlock. Because: The old our site apps disappear gradually from the respective stores.

Navigation: these apps get offline

Global navigation and traffic information

But our site provides not only on the Abomodell. A completely new and much more modern view is new. Who has already used a suction cup GPS of manufacturer, will be noted, that our site optics has adjusted significantly to these devices easier. The navigation maps come in the 3D style and relatively detailed viewing even houses. While navigating, you can orient yourself better, shows the practice test. Our site’s traffic information remain the ultimate and worldwide viewing roadblocks, permanent construction site, traffic jams and other road obstacles reliably. Various points of interest, such as restaurants, gas stations and parking lots, are also available. Practical: appears at the right of a beam from the easily read off, during navigation whether storage is and how many gas stations along the route are. Voice works perfectly on the iphone via Bluetooth as well as via cell phone speakers. By default, a male voice of the navigation is preset. Who would like to change this, can do this in the app’s settings change.

Conclusion: follow our site

Now presents itself our site on the Apple Smartphone in a fresh design with ease of use and smart features. So, our site Go mobile leaves a good impression in the practice test. The update for the iphone was also necessary: the Android app received an overhaul already a year ago and put an end to the chaos of the app. Who shy away from the pretty fair cost of 20 euros per year, can look at here. The app available for ios and Android waived any fees and also allows a global use of offline maps.