One Xcellent 10.2 Pro XL: Windows Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The one Xcellent comes as standard with keyboard and is for relatively little money. Reductions in equipment and processing are inevitable fingerprints litter the rubberized back quickly. But when it comes to everyday tasks of the Tablet, the one reflected wacker. The quad-core processor breaking any speed records, but he has enough power for Office and Photoshop Express and even 4K-Videos will play smoothly. More focus there is no so but, because the pretty dark display shows only 1280 x 800 pixels. Great: Despite low-price, the one has mobile Internet (UMTS) on board. Best price on the Internet: 199,99 EUR * this product at Amazon order Pro for everyday life quickly enough very high image quality cons very shiny dark display screen surface uncomfortable voice input test note of the editorial 2.98 satisfying user rating now write a text type, insert formulas, graphics create such Office works with Word, Excel and powerpoint make fun little on a tablet. Therefore, tablets wither away in most households to entertainment centres or shopping centres. The handy hip flasks can play much more than just movies or just models with 10 Windows to display the appropriate footwear for spring have considerably more potential. Shows whether the one Xcellent is good 10.2 Pro as a notebook replacement, test.

One tablet Xcellent 10.2 XL UMTS: photos

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Pretty hard for a Tablet

With excellent design the Xcellent not spoiled already times. A good one and a half centimeters wide black border frames the touch screen, the back cover is made of rubberized plastic, preserving touch as ugly fingerprints. In addition, is the one with 587 g quite heavy along with the keyboard shows the scale 942 grams. Compared with laptops the Xcellent however is a light-weight.

Very nice sharp, but dark

On the other hand the Xcellent but also much smaller than a notebook, its display has only a 10.1-inch screen diagonal (25.6 cm). The one with 1280 x 800 pixels only shows Web pages, photos, documents, and powerpoint presentations. The playback is still quite sharp, if also somewhat distorted colors. As with many tablets, the screen reflects very strongly. And as the maximum brightness is only 214.2 candela per square meter, as well as anything on the screen is outdoors in the sunshine. Thanks to HDMI port, who works at home, however, can a large monitor with the Tablet connect.

The best tablets

Leaderboard: tablet computer

Keyboard with touchpad

In the package is a keyboard that doubles as a stand for the display. The device has somewhat shaky buttons, long to typing the touchscreen works so but always better than on the. And because there is a touchpad below the keyboard, the user must not constantly jump to the screen, for example, an input with a tap to confirm or to start an app.

High speed thanks to strong CPU

Inside the Xcellent an atom Z5-8300-processor from Intel’s current series of cherry trail provides for orderly pace. With many parallel open apps, the speed decreased only slightly. Even debilitating apps like Photoshop Express hardly even slowed the Tablet because at least 2 gigabytes of memory to the side of the quad-core processor. As soon as a full-fledged notebook with a strong Intel core processor the device isn’t though but its power goes completely for Office programs, video playback or shopping on the Internet browsing works even on the road easily, because UMTS is on board.

Long battery life

With its endurance, the one is, however, quite notebook level, finally reaching a battery life of 8 hours in the test. Only a few notebooks but many tablets can do it. At the Huawei mediapad M2 10.0 went by for example eleven and a half hours, until it again had the outlet.



Test: Das sind die fünf besten Windows-Tablets

Test: Das sind die fünf besten Windows-Tablets