One of Every Five Smartphones from Apple Is an IPhone 5s, and Growing…

A study published yesterday same by Mixpanel, a company specialized in web analytics and mobile devices, leaves no room for doubts: one of every five Smartphone Apple «active» is an iPhone 5s. The current quota of this terminal taking as reference Mobile Smartphone of Cupertino company Park reaches the 19,31%, which is not bad if we consider that it is their most expensive smartphone.

However, the 5s iPhone is not “the King of the Hill”. At least yet. The most widespread iPhone is currently 5, dry, with a 32,65% share in the ‘Apple market’. Much of its popularity is because, probably, was the first terminal of the brand that embodied a 4 inch screen, that represented a clear break with his predecessors.

However, iPhone 5s are definitely strengthen not only you will need to reach 5; must also exceed the 4s, which currently has a share of the 23,94%. It is not bad for a smartphone already carrying more than two years on the market, but it is clear that he still enjoys good health.

Interestingly, even recent iPhone 5 c is the one with the worst acceptance among the users of smartphones of the brand, with only a 6,34%. Knowing these figures is interesting because it helps us to discover the degree of acceptance of different smartphones from Apple, but these data will probably quickly change this year when you get to 6 iPhone market, which, if met forecasts, could incorporate a 4.5 screen, or even 4.7 inch.