One Million IPhones Sold by China Mobile, Will Cost to Comply with Annual Expectations

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The largest on the planet, China Mobile, operator has announced that it has sold 1.3 million phones with 4 G connectivity since mid-January. Of them, most are with phones from Apple. Media and analysts they agree to talk to almost one million units have been sold.

The boot is promising but seems that not invited to meet annual targets, which spoke of 16 million iPhones. Let us not forget that there are more suitable dates for the sale, and possibly some new model long year.

We remind you that Apple’s phone is selling official way with the Chinese carrier since early this year, after a long deal closed in December of last year. The perfect partner to improve global numbers.

Conditions which have had to reach must be quite interesting to know, according to the market of 775 million customers who have China Mobile, many of them jumping from conventional phones to smartphones.

In China they do not want the iPhone 5 c

In terms of interest and 4 G, expanding connectivity is slow since it is only present in major centres. Possibly one of the brakes to not get better sales by Apple, in addition to the price, since what most demand in China is around $150.

If we throw analysts, telling us that 12% of iOS devices are iPhone 5S, while only 2% correspond to the iPhone 5 c, which does not start on any part of the planet.

On the operator, China Mobile has reported its first annual fall in its 14 years of life, motivated by the 4G infrastructure investment and the loss of the SMS business.