Ode to The Stamped by New Yorker This Spring 2013 Live Flowers!

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Prints, especially in summer and spring, are one of the trends most helped by the greater part of collections and signature, especially the Low cost. The windows are normally saturated of prints navy, stripes, anchors and other marine items but this year… this year the floral is and is carried with great force. And of course, New Yorker in his collection Spring-summer 2013 He did not want to miss the opportunity to include it, if it is fashionable, something it will be.

Bet on one side by the floral prints on dark backgrounds with motifs that recur in random patterns and lighter colors. The canvas on which translate it varies: from shirts style oxford button-down collar until collar with touches of Oriental and exotic clothes. All seasoned with Bass returned in fluorine tones Bermuda, to not change the trend of the season, of course.

The other type of pattern that is going to get used to is the geometric. Spots, stripes and polka dots are another favorite of the firm, which also print on cotton, denim or corduroy depending on the style. Informal, with lots of color and especially giving much prominence to the colors as prints, even though little discrete, camouflage and blend perfectly with injections of colour which makes to the pants, shoes and accessories.