Oculus Rift-Glasses Lands in Store Shelves Next Year

At the beginning of 2016, you can explore the virtual reality world in the form of the Oculus Rift-, which becomes the frames ready for sale.

Virtual reality technology, where you are one with the surroundings in, among other games, is now a step closer to the consumer. It tells the Oculus VR in a blog post, which is behind perhaps the most popular spectacle, Oculus Rift.

You can already now tick the calendar around 1.quarter of 2016. Here is the final version of virtual reality glasses to be ready for mass production and shipping to buyers, so you can take your gaming experience one step further with an extra dose of realism.

So far, there have been two developer versions of the frames available since 2012 for game developers, so the catalog of supported games can be increased up to the final launch.

Since the current DK2-version (Developer Kit 2) will the coming consumer version offer improvements across the Board with, among other things, increased screen resolution, better tracking of movements and integrated sound technology as shown in a prototype at CES last year.

The final specifications for the hardware, however, must wait until next week when the Oculus VR promises to expose these.

In connection with the happy news for virtual reality-fans can also give a foretaste of the Oculus VR, what awaits what news visually. In the blog entry follows for two early pictures that show the final spectacle forward from the front and from the rear, as shown above.