Not Only Fashion: Tips of The Week (LXXXIV)

Thursday is the day before the weekend. For this reason, as you know, from today itself on Jezebel man we go to preparing for it, offering an agenda of plans and leisure so you can enjoy your free time always stylish and appetizing proposals. Because in this world not everything is fashion and we know that the weekends, and more if Easter is just around the corner, they are to enjoy them. Here are our recommendations.

Do to where I escaped I This Easter?

I know, sure that at this point we have still some undecided than they have very clear to do at Easter and walk like crazy looking at destinations where escape, relax and already pass do some sightseeing. In the traveler’s journal have made us a collection of possible sites that, if you don’t walk in haste and are short of idea, I recommend that you take a look.

Soria, where is the monastery of San Juan de Duero, the Oceanografic Valencia or the incredible city of New York they are some of the possible destinations that we find and which, moreover, are narrated from the experience of people who recently was there and came back enchanted more to ask?

Improving our culinary skills

The Holy week It’s a perfect excuse to give us about how many tributes and so abundant and varied cuisine that we have throughout the peninsula: pestiños, Easter eggs, tortillas of cod and one of my favorites, the furnace Salamanca, If you have not tried it and you want to dedicate a day to the food and into your kitchen, I recommend you to try.

Live on the palate have taken the trouble to detail us step by step to the recipe, with all kinds of detail and photographs so that we do not lose any clue of how to do a traditional and true hornazo. I guess that will not be all as pictured but… What counts is to participate.

The movies, our great ally against the boredom

If you have preferred to stay at home a few days before you take the car and embark on an adventure, you have the same shuffling the possibility of going to the cinema to take away that thorn with the wizard of Oz, many have seen the older version but the truth is that the new looks pretty amazing also. And as prices, what better way to walk read a good review to see if it ends up convincing us or not.

Blog of film they have made one that you will come great. Perhaps one expected something more restrained and benevolent but you know as they are spent there and they have no account be a blockbuster movie or all the media behind him stir. Sincerely, I think come you phenomenal take a look and then, if you are not agree after seeing it, tell us here.

It is never late to hone your bike

And finally… What if we give a new life to our old bike of storage? If you walk with free time, I think rescue from the trunk of memories to our small bike and try to give a few hands of paint, fix the gears and casings, and allow list for a good ride along the mount, can be something fun, useful and above all nostalgic. And since 00 citizen have been made us a collection of everything that you may need for revival which Phoenix… why not take a look?