Nokia Had to Pay Millions of Euros to a Few Hackers That Threatened The Dominance of Symbian

In 2007 Nokia was on the crest of the wave. Its Symbian-based devices were clear dominate a market that still did not know what came you over with the iPhone and its subsequent competitors. And that was to protect that platform was crucial.

It is what probably motivated Nokia ended paying blackmail of million euros to a group of hackers who managed one of the key encryption of the Symbian-based smartphones. This event took place at the end of 2007, and the National Bureau of investigation in Finland still have resolved the case.

The statements of one of the leaders of the research on the Finnish channel MTV confirmed that Nokia had to pay a “substantial” amount to avoid problems that would have made that among other things the Symbian source code could have been used unauthorized copies, For example.

The payment of the ransom was worthy of any Hollywood film: the payment of the ransom was in the Finnish city of Tampere, and money was left in a bag in a parking lot near an amusement park. Curiously the police failed to catch the blackmailers despite having been aware of the payment of the ransom.