Newspaper: Facebook Has Deliberately Filled Android app with Error

Have you experienced the bug with the Facebook app for Android? They can be created intentionally in order to uncover whether you instead use the Mobile Edition, reveals the newspaper.

Facebook has for years put errors into the Android app deliberately in order to find out where users are instead seeking to. The newspaper The Information.

Facebook is the most popular app in Google Play-shop for Android smartphones and tablets, and with the app in Google’s hands depends on Facebook in high degree of Google in order to deliver push notifications, updates, and buy in the app.

Experiment with the various errors in Facebook for Android has thus been designed to determine whether users provides other avenues in order to be able to continue to use Facebook. The newspaper believes to know that it actually is the case. After some time with error takes a large proportion of users mobile version in use.

“People never stopped to get back”, said a person with knowledge of the different tests, which have led to errors with end users.

It can immediately sounds crazy to expose its users for many errors and unnecessary hassle, but there is meaning behind the madness. The same newspaper writes, in fact, that Facebook is preparing for an Android-“judgement day”-like situation. In it there is that Facebook behind the public light has done a number of measures in order to ensure its existence to Android-the people without having to rely on Google.

Facebook should thus be in the process of preparing its own services to handle the features of Play the shop PT. provider, for example, to be able to update the app without the Google Play. Facebook, however, do not expect in the near future to face such a situation, but is preparing quite simple on the one day may come.