New Version of Nokia Maps

I Nokia Maps has received a new version. Even after the bad news about the Nokia not have chosen to use Android on their devices, the applications for the Symbian platform still received a few updates, before they have been fully swapped by the operating system Windows Phone and, later, the Windows 10.

Nokia Maps updated

The latest versions of Nokia Maps, which are available to more devices, received some interesting changes. The most important, and the biggest differentiator of the Nokia Maps (in my opinion), is the possibility of downloading the maps directly on the phone, providing they are offline. This makes it easier for a lot of things, and the voice navigation of Nokia Maps is yet one more bonus to this excellent application. In many aspects, makes the application even better that the voice navigation on Android.

Features of Nokia Maps

In addition to the offline maps and voice navigation, the Nokia Maps also has some interesting features. For example, the integration between the compass, display of lines of public transport, save and search favorites, get more information, specific locations, and much more. The application is available for all major mobile platforms: Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

I recommend downloading and installing the application, nor is it just to test. Do not forget to download the maps for offline use also. I use already some time ago, and I recommend, but I suggest that you have more than a maps app on your smartphone or tablet, just in case.

What did you think of the Nokia Maps? It is a application good or am I exaggerating a bit? Which maps app do you prefer? Share in the comments your opinion.