Morgan Stanley Thing Clear: Apple May Release Something «Fat» in 2014

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The latest report that Morgan Stanley, a financial institution specializing in investment and stock market analysis, dedicated to Apple is priceless. An important part of your content dissects the evolution experienced by the Apple company’s shares during the last two years, from April 2012 to March 2014, and his conclusion is clear: this is a good time to invest in Apple.

A significant rebound in the value of the shares of the company occurred in the months of September and October 2012, coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 5, but since then his behavior in the stock market has been hesitant (graphics that you can see a little below reflects this clearly). In any case, the really interesting thing is the reason why Katy Huberty, the analyst from Morgan Stanley, which has produced the report advised investing in Apple: the company that Tim Cook runs could be preparing the launch of at least a new range of products.

If we take the view behind for a moment we can remember that last time that Apple has landed in new markets (new for Apple, of course, but not for other enterprises company), It has gone very well. It happened after the release of the first iPod, and returned to recur when arrived to the market the first iPhone and iPad. These products were well received by users, and, as is logical, high sales caused the value of the company’s shares go up «like foam».

Source: Morgan Stanley

It appears to be preparing something «fat» from 2010

All those who followed with interest the evolution of the technology market sense that Apple could be working in several new product ranges. The rumors and leaks that have accumulated during the past three years have predicted the entry of this company in the market of smart TVs and ‘wearable’ devices (I’m afraid that we will have to continue using this English voice until we find a word in Spanish that all accept as adequate, although ‘wearable’ could be a candidate), among other speculations.

Over the last decade and half Apple has emerged strengthened from landing in ‘new’ markets

The truth is that none of this seems ridiculous because they are markets in principle related to the Cupertino company. However, the most interesting fact that puts on the table the report by Morgan Stanley draws on strong investment in the areas of research and development that it has carried out Apple over the two years that preceded the launch of a new range of products. It happened in 2000 and 2001, before the release of the iPod, and was repeated again in the periods 2005-2006 and 2008-2009, leading up to the launch of the iPhone and iPad, respectively.

According to Katy Huberty, increased spending on r & d that has confronted Apple since 2010 in more than 30% every year, a very similar behavior to the of the three periods that preceded the launch of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. With these data the only possible conclusion is that, effectively, the company of Apple appears to be preparing something «fat». But Morgan Stanley analyst goes even further allowing us to glimpse this new product (or, perhaps, ‘new products’, plural) could be launched this year, which, again, can cause a rebound in the value of the company’s shares. This and no other is the reason why advises investing in Apple.

Two clear goals in sight

Huberty expects that the company run by Tim Cook among full solutions markets of mobile payment and the ‘wearable’ devices. This statement is in line with much of the rumors that we have all heard during the last two years, and there is no doubt that, although Apple so far has not confirmed anything officially, is credible. It is clear that these two markets still not have «disappeared», although we all know that some companies are already preparing very powerful solutions that possibly will give them an intense boost, as Google with their innovative eyewear.

In the past we have seen repeatedly how the landing of Apple in a market that already existed previously has generated a deep enough turning point to transform it completely rewriting their rules. And there is no reason that defends that this will not happen. In fact, as it exposes the Morgan Stanley report, there is sufficient evidence to reasonably believe that Apple will make this year an important announcement. Something that will be outside of the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad on duty. And how, from Engadget Mobile we won’t accomplished account of this.