More Data about The Imminent 730 Lumia

Mobile Cell Phone

We had already seen some leaked images of the next member of the family of Lumia devices, but now they have revealed important data as the price or the date of departure. The leaks come from one of the manufacturers of the smartphone in Viet Nam.

According to these data, the 730 Lumia will have a price of 240 dollars free and in its dual SIM, and that turn it into a device of medium range thanks to its 4.7-inch screen, your processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and his memory of 1 GB of RAM with 8 GB of capacity.

The terminal has a further 6.7 Mpixel camera, but certainly the protagonist is the front 5 Mpixel camera clearly intended to fans at the selfies they can take advantage of this component.

It hopes that the 730 Lumia available in stores at the end of August, What should Microsoft announce it very soon. We’ll see if that front camera really serves as a differentiator to a trend that is still very popular among the users of smartphones.