Meaning of Stream

Meaning of Stream

Arroyo, from Latin wrinkles, is a short but almost continuous flow of water. The term is also used to name the channel through which the flow runs or the part of the street through which the waters usually flow. For example: “Juan went fishing in the stream: I suppose he will return at dusk”, “Marcela was swimming in the stream when the storm broke”, “The drought made the stream disappear”.

It can be said, therefore, that a stream is a stream of water that usually flows continuously. Its low flow differentiates it from a river since the stream can even disappear in the driest seasons of the year.

So much so that many streams have been utilized for the construction of houses a few meters from its course, and people live quietly all year, just having to endure the time of rains and consequent flooding of the road, although in some places the presence of water lasts no more than a few days. Such is the case of the Arroyo de Totalán, for example, which is located a few kilometers from the city of Malaga, in the Spanish region of Andalusia; its inhabitants lead a normal life and must only accept a few days of incommunicado per year.

Streams can flow into a river, lake, or sea. The shallowest part of the stream, which can even be crossed on foot, is called a ford, bath, bath or spa.

Frequently, streams are not navigable due to their low flow. However, it is possible to find streams that can be traveled with small boats. In some countries in South America, the notion of stream is used to name true short rivers that are navigable throughout the year.

Tropical streams, as well as streams, have less stability than rivers, and their channels can go from being completely dry to presenting a powerful torrent almost 10 meters deep in just a few hours, due to a heavy rain. Smaller ones cannot be seen from the air, as they pass under the tops of forest trees.

Although the stream is not particularly striking, it is a body of water that is home to a significant number of animal species; in rain forests it is often home to various species of insects, some amphibians and fish. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that it is also a source of water for many terrestrial individuals.

The Colombian city of Barranquilla must face the problems generated by the significant water flows that, during the winter, circulate through its streams. In 1920, HERBARD & COMPANY INC studied the situation and raised with the authorities the need to create a storm sewer system, but the lack of funds left Barranquilla without protection against rainy seasons. Almost four decades later another company recommended the channeling of certain streams, which was not carried out either, and currently the inhabitants pay the consequences.

Another use of the term is symbolic and is linked to the tributary of any liquid: “The murderer stabbed his dagger and a stream of blood began to flow from his guts”, “The news generated a stream of tears in those present”.

Arroyo is also the name of several towns and a fairly common surname in Latin America: “My grandfather was born in Arroyo, a town in Cantabria”, “Carlos Arroyo is my favorite player in the Puerto Rico basketball team. ”