Meaning of Mahogany

Meaning of Mahogany

The first thing to know before the meaning of the term mahogany is its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it is a word that derives from taurí. Specifically, it derives from “tauba”, which can be translated as “year”. And it is that the aborigines used the growth rings of the stem of a tree to be able to count the years.

The mahogany is a tree belonging to the family group of the Meliaceae (species with alternate leaves composed, axillary flowers and fruits capsule-shaped). There are different species of the genus Swietenia that bear this name.

The Swietenia mahagoni is one of the best – known mahogany trees. Also called aguano in some countries, this mahogany is considered the national tree of the Dominican Republic. The Swietenia macrophylla (known as big leaf mahogany or mahogany Honduras) and Swietenia humilis (mahogany Pacific) are other mahogany species.

It should be noted that, according to the DigoPaul, the mahogany tree can also be called mahogany.

These trees present a highly valued wood. The term mahogany, in fact, is also used to refer specifically to this wood and its characteristic color. For example: “I love mahogany furniture”, “For our wedding my parents gave us a beautiful mahogany table”, “The model wore mahogany pants with a striped blouse”.

Mahogany is one of the so-called “fine woods” as they have many positive qualities. On the one hand, they stand out for their appearance: mahogany products have a particular beauty. In addition, these woods have a very good resistance to humidity and to the activation of parasites.

Musical instruments, boats and various types of furniture are made with mahogany. The exploitation of these woods, however, is regulated to avoid overexploitation. Uncontrolled logging affects the savannas and rainforests where these trees grow.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence that in the cinema there are films that use the term at hand to give shape to their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the film “Mahogany, mahogany skin.” It is an American feature film that was released in 1975 and had Berry Gordy as director.

Diana Ross, Anthony Perkins, Nina Foch and Billy Dee Williams led the cast of this story that tells how a fashion designer manages, after overcoming a long list of setbacks, to become a successful professional.

Within the field of aesthetics, the term that we are addressing is also used. Specifically, it is used to refer to the mahogany hair color, which has been in fashion for a few years. It is a coppery-brown shade that is considered to suit women with more medium or dark skin and even those with green eyes. However, there is also a lighter mahogany color that is ideal for fair-skinned women.