Meaning of Hair

Meaning of Hair

The Latin word capillāris, derived from capillus, arrived in Castilian as capillary. The concept is used to refer to what is linked to hair (hair).

For example: “I am going to start a hair treatment to try to stop the progression of baldness”, “The stress caused me a hair problem”, ” Hair products are more expensive every day”.

While most of us are content to wash our hair every day, those who want to show it off in all its glory must spend much more effort on hair maintenance. One of the essential tips is to brush your hair daily, as this action helps stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, which results in healthier and stronger hair.

Combing and brushing your hair is not a task that should be done in a hurry, with the sole objective of detangling it; on the contrary, there are those who do it two or three times a day for several minutes, seeking to massage the scalp gently but constantly.

Another point to which we should pay attention to be successful in hair care is the temperature of the water with which we wash our heads: it is known that hot water weakens the scalp, and negatively affects properties such as shine and the moisture of the hair. Precisely, it is important to wash your hair with natural water to seal the cuticles and achieve more shine and softness. In times of low temperatures, warm water is enough.

Similar to what happens with water, prolonged exposure of hair to high temperatures can dry out the scalp, something that causes progressive deterioration that results in a loss of shine. This also applies to excessive use of blow dryers and flat irons, which also negatively affect the ends and strength of the hair. There are moisturizing products that are usually indicated as a complement to these treatments, although the ideal is to avoid them completely.

People with unruly hair are often reluctant to comb their hair, although this could not be more counterproductive when it comes to hair care. Removing dead hair from our head is necessary for a hygiene issue; The knots must also be treated very delicately, to allow the hair to move freely and take advantage of the beneficial properties of the products we apply to it. Never pull hard, but try to loosen tangled areas with coconut oil or jojoba oil, for example, and practice patience.

The notion is also used to name tubes or ducts that are narrow. Within this framework, the thin blood vessel is called capillary that allows the circulation of the veins and arteries to be linked, establishing a network.

Blood capillaries, having a single layer of tissue, allow an exchange between the blood and those substances that are around it to take place.

One can differentiate between arterial capillaries and venous capillaries. Arterial capillaries carry oxygenated blood, while venous capillaries carry deoxygenated blood.

It should be noted that capillarity is the property of a fluid that is related to its surface tension, in turn linked to the cohesion of the fluid itself. Capillarity implies the ability of the liquid to descend or ascend through a capillary tube (a narrow tube through which a fluid circulates). This movement is due to the relationship between the intermolecular force of the liquid and its adhesion to the duct material.

Capillary tubes can be made of metal, glass, or another material. They are usually used in refrigerant circuits to allow the passage of the refrigerant liquid, which gains or loses pressure according to the moment.

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