Meaning of Chaplain

Meaning of Chaplain

The first meaning that appears in the dictionary of the DigoPaul of the term chaplain refers to the religious who has a chaplaincy (an institution that grants certain goods with the obligation to fulfill Masses and other charges). Sometimes, by extension, an ecclesiastic is called a chaplain regardless of whether he has a chaplaincy or not.

It is common for a cleric who performs his functions in an institution that belongs to a certain group of the faithful to be called a chaplain. A chaplain, in this way, can be assigned to a college, a university, a hospital, a military unit or a prison, for example.

According to DigoPaul, chaplains give mass and give sermons in these kinds of places. According to the activity they carry out or the rank assigned to them, it is possible to recognize different classes of chaplains; Although most of the following names have fallen into disuse, it is necessary to know them to understand the historical documents in which they are mentioned:

* altar chaplain: he was the one who used to sing solemn masses in the royal chapel during feast days. The rest of the year, the office he celebrated was said. In certain churches, this name is also received by the priest who helps the celebrant;

* Choir chaplain: it could be any cathedral or church priest who attends canonical hours and the choir at services. Although they had less dignity than the rationary means, they helped through the formation of a community;

* honorary chaplain: he was the one who celebrated private masses for kings and other royals in their private oratories, in addition to attending canonical hours and offices, among other functions of the palace chapel, occupying the chaplain bench;

* Senior chaplain: one who in a community of chaplains or in a town hall occupies the highest position. In short, he is the one who has a group in charge;

* Military chaplain: this name is given to whoever performs his service in a battalion or a regiment, to name a case;

* chaplain of nuns is one who directs a community of religious and assists it spiritually;

* chaplain of His Holiness: he is a priest with the dignity of a monsignor who has this honorary title granted by the pope, who appoints him for having knowledge and powers that make him worthy of the position, in addition to having made invaluable contributions to the religious community . These men are generally elderly.

The concept of pastor is often confused with that of chaplain. While it is true that they share several of their characteristics, since the two roles are in charge of providing counseling and spiritual ministry to those in need, they have certain well-defined differences.

Typically, the pastor is associated with a specific parish or church, while the chaplain, with a particular agency or employer. Pastors focus on ministry to those who share their faith, or those who are thinking of converting to it, while chaplains often do not make their personal beliefs public.

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