Meaning of Capicúa

Meaning of Capicúa

With etymological origin in the Catalan language, capicúa is a term that refers to that number that is identical when read from right to left and from left to right.

5775 is an example of a capicúa number. If we read it from left to right, we will find the following numerical series: 5-7-7-5. The same will happen if we read it backwards, from right to left: 5-7-7-5.

If we add 1 to 5775, we will obtain a new figure (5776) that will no longer be capicúa. As you can see, it is not the same to read 5776 from left to right (5-7-7-6) than from right to left (6-7-7-5).

Also called capicúa to the passage, ticket or ticket whose numbering is capicúa. Suppose a person purchases a bus ticket that presents the number 18381. Said ticket is capicúa.

The low probability of obtaining a capicúa ticket makes them collectibles or to which they are attributed good luck. In a series of 100,000 notes, there will only be 1,000 capicua notes. There is, in this way, one ticket or capicúa ticket for every hundred.

In Argentina, for many years the bus ticket was given by the driver to the passenger when he got into the vehicle and paid the money for the trip. These colored tickets had five figures: it was common for the passenger, upon receiving their ticket, to look at the numbering to see if it was a capicúa number. In case of being a capicúa ticket, in general the person kept it.

As in any similar case, there are those who would never get rid of a ticket with these characteristics, who would keep it with all possible precautions to prevent it from deteriorating, but there are also those for whom a capicúa number does not have any special meaning, so which they would throw away without thinking twice.

It is important to note that capicúa numbers are of great interest to people who are dedicated to numerology or who believe in its fundamentals. Numerology is the study of the meaning behind numbers. There are individuals who claim to see capicúa numbers at various times in their daily lives, on watches, on license plates, on television, and in many other places that seem to be sending them hidden messages.

For example, some people claim that they are “chased” by certain numbers or number combinations every time they spontaneously check the time, such as those who wake up at night always at the same time. Of course, the meanings of numbers can be positive or negative, so it is important to find them and do something about it if we really believe in these messages.

According to scholars of numerology, almost all numbers have a positive nature, except for the dreaded 6666, which announces the danger and which tells us about the devil himself, as well as the versions with the number 3; For example, in various works of fiction and stories of evil presences it is said that 3:33 is the time of the devil, so no one would want to wake up every night at that exact moment.

22 is one of the best numbers, since they indicate to those who see it that they are “on the right track “. Finding yourself spontaneously with a clock at 22:22, therefore, can be a source of joy and tranquility, especially if we are going through a difficult time, of doubts or of existential crisis.

The 11, for its part, can be associated with both the portals of light and those of darkness; Satanists are believed to use this number to “open negative portals” (the terrible events of 9/11 and 9/11 are used as the foundation for these ideas). All of its multiples have important meanings; 33, for example, indicates that “someone protects us”, while 77 assures us “happiness.”