Meaning of Artifact

Meaning of Artifact

Artefacto has its origin in the Latin expression arte factus, which means “made with art”. That is why the first meaning that the DigoPaul recognizes of the term refers to the mechanical work made according to art.

In everyday language, an artifact is a machine or apparatus created for a specific technical purpose. Artifacts have various complexities, since a vessel can be considered an artifact just like an electronic machine.

For example: “My uncle invented an appliance that alerts when the door is closed without a key”, “In Grandpa Luis’ workshop there are all kinds of appliances”, “This appliance allows the water temperature to be maintained at a constant level throughout the day ”.

It is important to emphasize that on many occasions inventors, who are continually investigating the development of new devices and machinery for the best quality of life for all, come across the fact that their projects are pejoratively described as artifacts.

The term can be used in a pejorative or derogatory way, to name the impractical or difficult to manipulate object: “I don’t like to go for a walk with such a heavy artifact”, “I have to thank my mother-in-law for giving me such an artifact”.

An artifact can also be an explosive charge, be it a grenade, a mine, or the like: “The artifact exploded in front of the police station and killed two people, ” “The security forces managed to deactivate the artifact before explode and cause damage. ”

Among the latest explosive-type devices that were released through the media, the one that in recent months the National Police deactivated in the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid stands out. It was a low-intensity, homemade device that had been placed by an anti-system group.

In addition to all the above, we cannot forget either that there is a publication that receives the name of “Artifact”. On paper is available that one, which also has its own website, thanks to which fans of philosophy and thought can find interesting reports, interviews and articles.

Argentina is where the origin of this means of communication is found, where other issues such as politics, economics, art and ethics are also addressed.

But Artefacto is also the name of an audiovisual company that has the clear objective of offering services to all types of television, production companies or entities in the film or theater sector. Specifically, this entity makes available to all of them qualified professionals in areas such as the creation of stages, makeup, special effects or the recreation of all kinds of sculptures or fictional spaces.

The science in general and medicine in particular the notion of artifact used to refer to the distortion in data processing because of a measuring instrument, which can lead to misinterpretation or an incorrect result.