Meaning of Arrangement

Meaning of Arrangement

Arrangement is the action and effect of arranging (adjusting, ordering, composing, arranging or subjecting to rule). The concept of arrangement is often used to name the scope of an agreement or conformity between two or more parties. For example: “Do you want to go out with María? Don’t worry, I will make the arrangement and I will notify you ”, “ The two companies reached an out-of-court settlement and will not have to face the courts ”, “ We are about to close a settlement with another company to jointly export to the Asian market ”.

Another use of the term is linked to solving a problem or failure: “The computer fix came out two hundred pesos”, “I tried to start the clock, but the fix is ​​more complicated than I expected, ” “The technician told me that the washing machine has no fix. ”

Thus, within the field of sewing and aesthetics, it is common to use the term arrangement. Specifically, it is used to say that a woman or a man who sews is going to be in charge of performing a series of actions so that one garment is perfect for another. In this way arrangements can be considered from taking the bass to putting the false one in.

No less frequent is the use of a series of expressions that also revolve around the word that we are now analyzing. This would be the case, for example, of “settlement of accounts”, which is used to show that a person is taking revenge on another who has done something wrong or against her.

A clear example of this meaning would be the case: “The death of the drug trafficker is considered, by the police, to have been the result of a settling of accounts between leaders of the drug sales market.”

Nor can we forget a prepositional phrase that is also part of our more colloquial vocabulary: “according to…”. It can be translated as “according to …” or “according to”.

A floral arrangement is an ornament that is armed with flowers and is usually given as a gift for parties or as a congratulation: “José’s family sent us a beautiful arrangement to mark our marriage”, “The television host received an arrangement with more forty roses ”.

In the field of music, an arrangement is the interpretation of an existing piece with some modification. It differs, therefore, from the song known as cover, which is the interpretation that tries to accurately reproduce the original work.

The person who carries out this work within the music sector is the one who is called arranger. Sometimes it is confused with the figure of the composer, but they have nothing to do with it. And the arranger is not dedicated to creating works, what he does is endow them with elements that give them greater weight, beauty and value.

For computing, an array (also called a vector or matrix) is a storage area that contains variables of the same type and whose access is done through indexes.