LG V10 with Dual Screen: Danish Award and the Debut Established

LG’s Hardy smartphone with interesting solutions lands soon in the Danish businesses.

It was in the cards, to LG’s speciellev topmobil with dual screen should come to Denmark-but now there are officially not long for, that you can obtain you phone. LG writes in a press release that LG V10 will get Danish sales start on 20. January.

The price sounds on 5,490 dollars-which will place the phone firmly stuck in the high-end segment.

For the money you get a mobile which differs from the other high-end phones with a strong outer and a special ‘second-screen’, an additional display mounted just above the 5.7 inch Quad-HD display.

With this you will get a quick access to your favorite apps, extra space for notifications while the main screen is used or access to your messages or calls without having to out of your current app.

Strong mobile with many features

In addition to the specific functions, featuring LG V10 on topspecs that is flush with what topmobiler in 2015 delivers.

The processor is a Snapdragon 808 hexa-core, who along with 4 GB of RAM should give a good Android Lollipop experience – in line with the company’s G4-topmobil.

Camera is the same as in the G4, which means that you get one of the most advanced mobile cameras to date with 16 strong megapixels, optiks stabilization and an extremely bright f/1.8 lens.

LG V10 comes in two colors black or white and can be pre-ordered from today.