Krk, Croatia

Krk, Croatia

According to, the island of Krk is located to the east of the Istrian peninsula. The nature here is very beautiful: dense forests are replaced by rocks, grape and olive plantations are everywhere – but tourists come here primarily for the sake of the beaches. The coast of the island is mostly sandy and pebbly, and the sea is considered one of the cleanest in the country (ask the local sea urchins – they will not live anywhere).

In addition, Krk is rightfully considered one of the main centers of Croatian culture. It was here that the famous Bashchanskaya plate was discovered – one of the oldest written monuments with the first mention of the Croats. Holidays on the coast can be combined with a visit to medieval fortresses, such as the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Fulfinum and the fortified city of Vrbnik, which is also known for its excellent white wine.

The island of Krk has been inhabited since ancient times and has always been in the center of events, for example, a naval battle between the troops of Julius Caesar and Pompey took place not far from the island. Over the next two thousand years, Krk changed hands and is now part of Croatia.

How to get there

The island with the mysterious name Krk is located in the Kvarner Bay, not far from Opatija, Crikvenica and Rijeka. This is the largest of the islands belonging to Croatia, it even has its own international airport, but domestic airlines do not fly there. Russian tourists usually fly to Pula, and then a 104-kilometer transfer to the island awaits them.

The island is connected to the mainland by a road bridge – an achievement of engineering and an attraction in itself, so the easiest way to get to Krk is by car or bus.

Weather in Krk

The swimming season on the island lasts from June to September – not very long, but in a very comfortable climate (the air usually warms up to + 25… + 30 ° С, and the water – up to + 19… + 26 ° С) and in an ideal ecological situation – there are no industrial enterprises here.

Resorts of Krk

The town of Malinska is located on the western coast of the island, in a wide bend of the bay. It is protected from the winds, it is very interesting to walk in these places. Just a 10-minute walk from the city, the Haludovo resort is located, offering its guests a large selection of sports centers, bars, dance floors, as well as an excellent beach.

The town of Baska is an important tourist center of the island, its cultural heritage is one of the most impressive and oldest in Europe. The historic center of the city – a reminder of the Roman settlers, religious monuments, churches, cathedrals and museums. In addition, there is the only 1.5 km long sandy beach in Croatia.

Many of today’s cities grew out of settlements founded by the ancient Romans.

Cuisine and restaurants

It is best to try the local cuisine in konobas – family taverns, which are numerous on the island. Each of them is decorated in its own way and has its own approach to the menu; culinary secrets are passed down from generation to generation. Pasta with seafood, grilled dishes, fresh vegetables in all sorts of combinations – all this is especially delicious in combination with local homemade wines. Restaurants do not work around the clock, although the nightlife on the island is in full swing – mainly in the cities of Malinska and Krk: there are several discos and nightclubs.

Hotels and residences in Krk

You should take care of housing on the island in advance. There are many rental offers, but not all of them are comfortable and cozy enough.

The beaches of Krk

The main goal of those who come to rest on the island of Krk is its various beaches.

  • The sand and pebble beach Vela Plaža Baska (Vela plaža Baška) near the resort of Baska is the most popular. The infrastructure here is developed and satisfies all the wishes of vacationers: beach sports, entertainment for children, many cafes and restaurants and, of course, the purest water of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Rupa beach in Malinska is often chosen for family holidays, it is a pebble beach with a sandy entrance to the sea.
  • Soline Beach on the east coast is a place for any kind of holiday. There are not only many tennis courts, volleyball and football grounds, but also discos, as well as therapeutic mud.

In the town of Punat there is the largest yacht port in Croatia, from here they usually go on boat trips and picnics.

Entertainment and attractions of Krk

Tourists on the island will not be bored: tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as various types of water sports will bring a pleasant variety to your vacation. Local restaurants, bars and cafes offer a rich selection of national dishes, as well as dishes that are typical only for this region. The island also has several diving clubs, including international ones.

The nature of the island is very beautiful. One of the attractions is the most visited Croatian cave Biserujka, discovered in 1834. Tours are led along it, during which you can see numerous stalactites and stalagmites.

Krk can be called a paradise for history buffs: there are ancient Croatian churches with simple and laconic architecture, ancient Roman mosaics found in many villages of the island, prehistoric monuments of Illyrian culture. It is interesting to see the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Fulfinum, which are located near the village of Omisale, and the church of St. Lucy in the town of Jurandvor. The island is considered to be the cradle of Croatian writing. The most interesting monuments of the past have survived to this day. The famous Baska tablet, the oldest monument of Croatian writing, was found near the town of Baska. This is a stone slab with inscriptions in Croatian, built into the floor of an ancient church.

From almost anywhere on the island, an angel figurine is visible, decorating the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The city of Vrbnik is worth a visit – it is located on a high cliff, surrounded by the sea on one side and vineyards on the other. Vineyards can be called a symbol of this city – its well-being depends on them. The fact is that wine is produced in Vrbnik, in particular, the popular white Vrbnicka Zlahtina, the grapes for which grow only here.

In addition, you can go on a tour of the largest city on the island, Krka. Here you should pay attention to the defensive structures: the fortress walls and the Frankopan Castle with a round tower (12th century) characteristic of the Middle Ages. The cathedral was built in the 5th century. and is still not only a decoration of the city, but also a wonderful historical monument.

Krk, Croatia

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