It is Worth to Have a Mobile Phone with Windows Phone?

The question of title will certainly be made by thousands of users who decide to exchange your unit for another more evolved.

The usual with a particular operating system can make a lot of people simply replace the instrument’s current pro a newer one, with the same Android or iOs device that is already used to. But those who have older appliances and are entering the age of the smartphone, you may want to start with a device powered by Windows Phone!

The main question that could arise is with respect to the amount of available apps for Windows Phone , after all what makes one smartphone better than another is primarily the offering of apps for it, preferably free.

Normally, most people will not use more than 15 or 20 applications with frequency, despite having dozens or hundreds of them installed on their devices. In any case the users want to have options in the app store.

In the case of Android and iPhone no shortage of alternative programs. There are hundreds of thousands of apps to suit all tastes, paid and free, light and heavy duty to do everything that you can imagine.

And if you were in doubt about the amount of apps available for the new Windows Phone platform, note that things are fast there too. Even before an official release of a device with the Windows Phone here in Brazil there are already more than 60 thousand (jan 2012) apps in the Microsoft Store. To raise 50mil to 60mil were only 25 days! This indicates that in the coming months the current number of apps you can increase very much, being much greater when the devices with Windows are available here in the country.

And you? Which phone you use today? He has the will to change for a device that can run Windows? Do you think that will have any advantage in relation to competitors? Leave your opinion!