Iphone SE: the Best Alternatives to Apple’s Newbie

Hardly Apple’s keynote is over, starts the pros and cons. Fans enjoy a price fall of Apple Watch, the more handy ipad Pro with new 9.7-inch display and the cheap iphone se. Others, however, Miss the announcement of Apple Watch 2 and find the current budget iphone still too expensive. There is a small consolation but at least in terms of the Smartphone: the cheaper alternatives even though not many at a comparable performance approach. Our site presents the most interesting smartphones between 4 and 4.3 inches.

The best alternatives to the iphone SE

Iphone SE: almost alone

Under the 4-inch smartphones, there are only a few devices that can compete with the iphone SE and come even from its own ranks. So, the iphone 5 S with his high work rate and the sharp display is a good alternative that is also quite inexpensive. Do you want to save even more money, the handy iphone 5 C is, that would like to appeal to the individualist among Apple fans with its colourful plastic housing. Away from ios, the air is but thin: only the elderly Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has for today’s conditions still a good value for money. Many other 4-inch devices from the Android and Windows phone stores are clearly aimed at beginners.

The Smartphone news 2016/2017

The most important new devices

Exotic as an alternative

Interested, however, for an exceptional Smartphone and can live Android, so there are three exciting 4-incher on the market. For one, the blackberry Z10 provides a keyboard using physical keys, Office work and writing of texts considerably simplified. On the other hand, the first yotaphone is fascinated with his second epaper screen on the back that indicates various energy-saving information and is a real eye-catcher. Have a big heart for your fellow man, then the Shiftphone could finally be interesting for you. Our site already a first look at the fair Smartphone threw more in the video.

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Shiftphone is the German answer to the Fairphone: from 200 euro in trade, fair wages for workers in China and robust hardware. Fair, cheap and yet robust: This is Shiftphone