iPhone 6 Launch Is Confirmed By Thai Authority

The Thai authority NBTC communicated with the short message service Twitter, that iPhone 6 to the launch may sell it to dealers. As you can imagine, this don’t like Apple about three weeks before the official keynote.

On 9th September 2014, that is iPhone 6 in two different versions with a Apple rumor 4.7 and a 5.5-inch large display present. The Secretary General Takorn Tantasith of the Thai radio and Telecommunications Commission NBTC now confirmed via Twitter that will come the next Apple Smartphone on the market and thus ensures that Apple sent several representatives from the PR Department to Thailand to revise the damage as well as possible. In a first opinion these Apple employees spread, that it was not unclear, whether the next Smartphone is truly iPhone 6 and that the model in Thailand will be published.

iPhone 6 is virtually confirmed

However, the official statement of the Thai authority suggests that the worldwide launch already internally adopted by the iPhone 6 from Apple. The announcement was also first place by Takorn Tantasith, after Apple applied for the actual sales of the next-generation iPhone in Thailand. A response to the request but will be presented via Twitter of the broad international community, probably not is in the sense of Apple.