Informal American Looking for Your Summer Nights? Pull & Bear Has What You Are Looking for

I’ve always said it, a blazer is essential in our closet, There will always be an occasion in which we need your help and have it is never over. It is true that, if we want to make you the most, you coloring them dark as Navy Blue or charcoal grey they can stand both for summer and for winter But if yours is to have one for each season of the year, your economy let you and know for certain you’re going to make the most of it, aims in pastel colors of Pull & Bear for this Spring-summer 2013

The pastel colors they have the drawback that in winter they clash completely, but in spring or summer, they are extremely suitable to combine with shorts, white shirts, t-shirts or other pastries. Pull & Bear offers a wide range of them in blue skies, pink cakes, lemon yellow or grey Pearl proposed combined with denim to get more match and contrasting textures with a very flattering and extraordinary result.

The composition is entirely polyester by what you will not have problems to wash them, become in clothes of battle that we don’t have to devote special attention and above all, they have a slim fit very flattering cut that will help us both to take them open as the first closed button. Ideal for informal meetings or for those days where we want to go out with a touch more gentleman. Anything goes.